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How ironic...

i was outside work having a cigarette and some really intelligent guy drove past and shouted out his window

"you wanna stop eating, love!"

how ironic indeed.

ok so i thought the nasty comments would stop by now but to be fair i still weigh 15 stone 12 so he wasnt to know i was 22 stone 1 a few months back!

what is the matter with some people! :mad:
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Aw my lovely Sarah Lou!

What a total moron! I HATE people like that.... and I know hate is a big word....but I really do. What an ignorant, spiteful, nasty piece of work.

People like that have no idea how hard it is to be overweight- as if we need to be insulted and our feelings hurt too! You wouldn't shout at someone in a wheelchair "you wanna stop sitting down". I mean I know it's not exactly the same but still. I would NEVER shout abuse at anyone- for whatever reason. I think some people are just pathetic losers.

YOU however are gorgeous, warm, wonderful and fantastic to know. It IS ironic because you HAVE stopped eating. One day you won't have to put up with that kind of abuse- but you'll ALWAYS be a better person than them.

BIG love- don't let them get you down for ONE second.

what a total tw*t!!!!
can't believe some people.

you know you've done well and lost a huge amount of weight and will continue to do so.don't let people like that get to you
to paraphrase Oscar Wilde: one day you will be slim. he will always be a bell-end :rolleyes:
OMG, what an absolute a******e!
Don't let that moron get you down, after all, you are succeeding, while he obviously isn't if he needs to shout abuse at people to make himself feel better.
You have done tremendously well, don't forget that

Clair x
God some people are just such tossers. Why do they think they have the right to shout things like that, it makes me so angry.
Hope it hasnt put a downer on you, not that I think it will afterall youve lost soooo much weight and know that you can lose more and quickly.
Best wishes,
OMG the cheek of him, you should have said not much he can do about being an ugly f**k......

Head up, dont mind the ignorant t**t.......

Your doing great x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
How rude and cowardly to shout it driving past ... a complete t*sser!!!

Ignore it chick, you are fantastic and your weight loss is inspiring :) :hug99:

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
What a beastly thing to say to anyone. He obviously has a very high IQ(not)!!!!!!! He will never get brighter but you will be slimmer. It must still have hurt you, you poor lamb. Anyway, you know the truth.

You should have shouted back 'Hey size does matter! Your girlfriends were lying!'

What a pr*ck.

At least you know you are absolutely gorgeous and stunning inside and out.

These people aren't even worth a seconds thought. They'll die sad and lonely full of bitterness.

You're my inspiration Sarah Lou. You keep me going and make me realise that I can do this. Thank you

Ya shoulda shouted 'I'll shut my gob when you shut yours mate,' What a pr*ck! NEVER let these a55 holes get to you -you're doing amazingly babes.
arrh i really feel for you, it is hurtful when even somebody you don't even know or care about say's such a rude comment. Rise above it, you are doing so well and a true inspiration xx
You can take solace in the fact that he only said that to make himself feel better about some personal inadequacies. When you think about it like that you almost feel sorry for him because whatever's wrong with him is far worse than what your weight is to you.

Don't let it get ya down, look up and march on.
thanks everyone, don't worry it hasnt got me down - more than anything it amused me as obviously i have stopped eating!!

i was a reality check i suppose - i feel so amazing about myself at the moment - on monday for some reason every time i looked in a mirror i found myself really smiling at myself as for the first time in ages, i like how i look! but like i say - reality check i'm still obese and have a long way to go. not pooh pooh-ing what i've done, i am really proud, but it has grounded me again!

ah well - hopefully it was a one off - lol ANOTHER one off!

your a very strong person Sarah and i admire you for not letting a PR$$K get you down:)


A little of everything!
to paraphrase Oscar Wilde: one day you will be slim. he will always be a bell-end :rolleyes:
:rotflmao: Thats priceless!!! And oh so true.

What in God's name possesses an adult man to randomly shout abuse from a passing car? :confused: The world is indeed a strange place....:crazy:
Men can be such pigs!!! I got the same last week when a fella shouted "fat a*se" at me while driving past. I was mortified as was standing at a bus stop full school kids... I did however shout back "small d*ck", and felt much better when the others laughed at my response!!!
Chin up, hon!!! x

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