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How is Cambridge Diet Different than Slim Fast?


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I think its that cambridge supply all the minerals and vitamins that are required for the body and to prevent muscle mass loss. Im sure a cc will be along to say soon. I tried slim fast and found I was hungry all of the time and you didnt actually get the ketosis while on it.


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Slim fast is higher in calories than cambridge, and you also have a meal. On cambridge depending on how much weight you need to lose.....its a complete meal replacement diet, so you just have the shakes.....they contain all the daily vitamins and minerals needed by your body to get through the day.
I am sure a cdc will be along soon to add to this.
Hi there

Slimfast and Cambridge are two completely different products.

Slimfast is a fortified milk shake that replaces a couple of meals, whereas Cambridge is 6-stage health and weight loss programme, with or without food.

I could go on all day about the UK Cambridge plan but the US one is completely different, run by a totally separate company and I know very little about it tbh.



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Okay....to be honest, I have no idea how the US Cambridge works...the forumulation is different and you do't have to visit people, but I think you can only do it for a certain period of time and then have eat some stuff.

Here's your official site Cambridge > Food for Life

hopefully there will be some info on there to give you a better idea of what to expect!!!



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I've been told that Slim Fast is much higher in sugar and of course it's also made of milk, not mixed with water. Slim Fast is also about 70 or 80 cals more per serving than CD.

I know people that have done ok on Slimfast but on the whole CD is better for you


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Had a friend do slimfast and i just could not drink one, made me feel sick. But i never have liked shakes. Anyway done mainly soups to start with and now am all shakes. They really taste sweet and i luv mines frothy or as a moussee.


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Thank you so much ladies for all your help and information.. I'm so curious to see what this is all about. I'm amazed at the quick weight loss and simplicity of it all. (Not to much thinking about food and "what's for dinner tonight"..) I'm doing well on my current plan, but would love to speed things up some. I've tried Slim Fast quit some time ago and was always hungry. Oh, and the Cambridge is low carb? .. that's what I'd need.. I need the Ketosis to keep me out of my FRIDGE! Going over to check out that link .. Thanks again!!!!


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Cambridge is a ketongenic diet and slimfast just low calorie and hence you feel like cr*p on it. I never made it more than a week on sf despite having a meal everyday!
I tried Slimfast before and I just couldn't handle doing the shakes and was really nervous when I started CD but I haven't had any problems with them and actually find them enjoyable. slimfast does have a lot of sugar in them.

When I was first looking for CD info I found the american cambridge site and they have tons of different food plans and very different flavours.

I must admit though I do love the banana and chocolate mint, yum yum

Good luck with your decision.


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Thanks for all the help ladies.. I read through a few sites and even emailed a lady here in the USA that sells the products .. and lives quite near to me. One more question.. is this a hard plan to stick to? I mean, have any of you struggled with wanting to eat? I'm fairly good with "will power" but want to be realistic at the same time. Is this plan doable for the average person?

Thanks for all your input.. I'm sorry about so many questions!!


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on the uk cambridge the first 4/5 days are the worst you can get headaches but once your into ketosis the headaches and the hunger will dissapear it gets easier as you see the ponds melting away good luck xxx

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