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How is lipotrim different?

Hi guys im new here and was just wondering what makes lipotrim different to slim fast? I know with slim fast you are meant to eat 1 meal and 2 shakes a day but if you were to eat 3 shakes and no meals would it be the same thing? The reason i ask is because i am a student and really cant afford the cost of lipotrim but would love to go on a diet like that, i have always found the more restrictive the diet the better becasue my main trouble is things like 'i will just have 1 biscuit' or 'just one slice of bread wont hurt' but on a diet where i can just tell myself no you cant have that full stop. I find i do better.. so lipotrim seems like a good way to go but as i say cost is a major factor.
So what about drinking 3 slim fasts a day?
Or would any diet where i reduced my cals to below 400 have the same effect as lipotrim or does lipotrim have special stuff in it? For example if i ate nothing but fruit/veg for weeks would it have the same effect?

Sorry loads of Qs! Love the forum btw :D

Can you get lipotrim on prescription? Has anyone had any success getting that?
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Fruit and veg alone will not give u all the nutrients ur body needs and essentially u would become ill. Lipotrim is specially formulated so that u get all of the nutrients u need in the smallest amount of calories!!!
Thanks for the info. Yes i did understand that, but i wondered if there may be vitamins or something i could take? As lipotrim is rather expensive - can you get it on prescription?
S: 14st0lb C: 13st3lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 0st11lb(5.61%)
Im not sure about the prescription!!! Im sure a quick visit to ur doc will clear it up or ring them....

Getting all the nutrients ur body needs in the smallest amount of calories could be done, effectively getting ya what we're getting from the shakes but Im sure it would be a gruelling task to source all of these foods....
Yes i agree, my doctor isnt the friendliest person and i would rather not go unless i knew i could get them lol
I live with my boyfriend and we spent a max of £25 a week including our cats food lol So considering i would have to pay £36 plus his food aswell it would at least double my food bills.
From what i can see there are no "cheap" alternatives. Do a google about for total food replacement. You might find something, but i doubt it. The nutrients your body needs i dont beleive can just be got through multivitamins (though they do help!). Beleive me when i say that i've looked at a lot of options before jumping on this. I'm paying almost £50 a week. So i wanted to make sure i was on the right thing. Slim fast is not the same due to carb content. Maybe just try a calorie restricted diet, or atkins diet. Tuna is cheap and carb free! :)


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I live with my boyfriend and we spent a max of £25 a week including our cats food lol .
Blimey do you wanna do my shopping for me!?
Either you two don't eat much or you are a bargin queen spotter,lol
I have a 5ry old and spend about £50 a week at least for both of us AND i don't have cats:D
We mainly eat cheap meals.. so i opt for chicken thighs instead of breasts, eat cheap things like cous cous and pasta therefore reducing bills. The only things i buy the expensive stuff for is bread, milk, and butter lol i also shop around alot so i buy my veggies from Lidl because its much cheaper than tesco. Usual shop is around £19 but i only spend more than £25 at xmas. Neither of us drink alcohol either so that reduces our bills.
hey!! im also a student and started out on lipotrim but found it too expensive so i changed to the new you diet,,if you google it youll find it i cant give the link on here,,its considerably cheaper and you can buy in bulk and it does the same thing check it out. also i think the exante diet is a bit cheaper too so you could check that out. as far as i know with the slimfast shakes they are about 200 to 210 each in kcal so three a day i guess in theory you could do it as they are all nutritionally balanced but i wouldnt recommend it. if it was to be used like that they would mention it.. i say your best bet is to check out the other vlcds. y not go to the vlcd section..its just above exante on the drop down list from forum jump at the top of the page...hth x

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