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How long have you been on Diet Chef?

Hello there

A fellow diet cheffer was just commenting on the fact that no one seems to have been doing this diet for more than 2 weeks... I'm sure this can't be the case!

So, How long have you been doing Diet Chef? Who's the longest follower out there????

Yours curiously
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maintaining since June'09
I did it for about 4 or 5 weeks before Christmas and am now back on it - in my 3rd week.
I've only been doing it 3 days, but so far, so good :D
Yes I have - more or less! The only thing I havent done is add up the cals and there have been days when I have eaten 8 pieces of fruit and had 0% fat yog but missed all the sugar (durr!) on the label! Also at work have full fat milk in my tea as no alternative! Other than that PURFFECT!


maintaining since June'09
"Other than that"??? Sounds pretty perfect to me!! Can't get much more perfect than 10lbs!!!! :):)
THANKS!!! Normally I am not perfect in fact I love to stretch the rules and challenge!!!

and good luck Helen with it - how are you finding it?
Hi there

I am doing ok - lost 7lbs in Week 1, which I was pleased with. However I have been really really hungry on some days, even though I'm eating lots of Veg. :cry:

I have more or less stuck to my 1200 cals each day, and even survived a trip to Pizza Express unscathed - had chicken salad so felt quite virtuous.

I am a bit disappointed so far this week as I'm 3 days into week 2 and the scales haven't budged at all. I am now away at a hotel for 2 days which is going to be a challenge, but I will try to do my best.



maintaining since June'09
FAB result in 1st week!! Well done you!!

Slap on wrists for getting on the scales before the end of this week though :);):) .....

I wouldn't take too much notice, I'm sure it'll even itself out by your official weigh-in. You can't really lose 7lbs one week and NOTHING the next if you're doing the same thing. Not unless you have a huge fluid retention issue.... Talking of which ... keep drinking the water!!! ;)
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Don't despair !! I have had a few days where I have stayed the same (I am a scales hopper!) but it has then come good by WI day!
I know I have had a good loss my first week (10lbs) and I hope to get another 4lbs this week, and then my aim is 1-2 lbs a week. Good luck with your days away. So far when I have eaten out I have chosen a healthy option avoiding carbs and no pud!
Jan its good to see you close up - you are beautiful!


maintaining since June'09
Oh Laura!!!!! *****Blush Blush***** Can't agree but thank yoooooo xxxx
I've just placed my first order - I'm really looking forward to it!!


maintaining since June'09
Hi SlimMrsJ ..... You'll love it! Look forward to hearing how you get on!! :)
Welcome! and ENJOY!! This is probably the yummyist, tastiest diet I have ever done!! I weigh in again tomorrow and I am aiming for another 4 lbs!! But will wait and see!!


maintaining since June'09
Good Luck Laura!! :)

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