How long to get back in ketosis.....


If you have come ou of it? I know this could be how longs a piece of string but is there an average?

I have had a bad weekend, feeling really fed up and wanting food. I had a small piece of shortbread yesterday morning and felt soooo sick and izzy almost immediately thought it had really taught me a lesson and after a good cry, i got back on with it. Checked ketosis this morning and still showing a good pink.

Then today i divulged into a small sunday dinner of cabbage, carots, small amount of sweetcorn and couple of potatos followed by a spoonfull of crumble and custard - felt very good afterwards, immediately felt more content and less irritable checked ketosis tonight and i am right out of it. So if i get back to the program now is it likely to take a long time to get back into Ketosis?

The other thing is, my cdc was going to wean me onto carbs slightly towards the end of this week as we have a holiday booked for next week so I dont know what to do now, go back to it ss till end of the week, come off it completely but be sensible, what!

I have struggled with this and admire anyone that does it long term. I just don't feel the sense of well being, energy etc that everyone talks about once they hit ketosis and have in fact felt pretty awful, short, bad tempered, lightheaded and generally pretty low, only the good loss has spurred me on and I don't want to put it all back on again.

So any words of wisdom please.
hiya i was doing lighterlife and the same as cd it takes 3 days for you to go back into ketosis after you have ate, hope this has helped, i did lighterlife for 18 weeks and have a stone and half to go after lossing just under 4 stone and i no how hard it is not to eat but stick with it and you will get there in the end and well done for your 5lb weight loss
Thanks for the advice, I really do want to do it, but it just seems so hard sometimes, especially as I am not feeling too great at the same time.

Going to CDC tomorrow so will be requesting sme bars which may make it easier too.

Well done to you, that's brilliant!
It depends on how quickly you get into ketosis, probably be 2-3 days, but as it was just a blip might be tomorrow night. Call your CDC tomorrow, try giving AAM a go, still have your packs and you will slowly get back into Ketosis - that is what I would try to do, just be prepared for the carb cravings.

Hopefully a CDC will be on here later or in the morning.

Mel :D
Hi Cupcake hun dont be so hard on yourself we r al human.
Getting back into ketosis as very much an individual thing some peeps are in on day 2 and spme day 3 or 4.
The good thing is u did not have a major carb blow out so carry on with your packs and drink loads of water.
Cupcake hun if you have the bars in the first week it could take u longer to get back in ketosis as they have a higher carb count than the packs thats why they dont advise having the packs till week 2 or well into established ketosis.

Hope u have a good week,looking forward to chatting 2 u and see how u r doing.
Remember we r always here so u r not alone just come and chat 2 us.
Take care xx