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How long to refeed for?

Im going out for a meal on the 26th June and so i need to refeed for one day which sounds totally stupid.

I would stick with TFR but its hubbys bday and an expensive resaraunt.

Any advice appreciate :)

just to add....iv done low carb/atkins so i know what to avoid and what will knock me out of ketosis. and im avoiding alcohol too:)
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Could you not just have a small little meal? Like chicken and salad. If its just for the one day?

Im no expert so im sure someone will be along with some better advice :)


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Well, if it were me, and I wasn't drinking, I'd just do the TFR as usual and have the one meal rather than 'waste' a whole week by refeeding? Just me though?...
so do you think if i ate say.... a chicken salad for starters...no salad dressing and i'd leave toms as i can stand them and say a pan fried fish witha few veggies that sound okay.

im def gonn avoid pudding as i dont totally want to mess things up then id go back to TFR the next day?
Thats what i would do :)


A little of everything!
If you avoid potatoes, root vegetables, breads, dressings and pudding you should be okay- or at least not do too much damage?
if im totally honest if i put on a couple of pounds it wont get me down ill just get straight back on the wagon. but im going to be sensible but also enjoy myself!


A little of everything!
If you put on weight from one meal it won't be 'true' weight- it'll be fluid, plus the weight of the food in your system, and will be gone in a day or two. It's going in & out of ketosis you'd need to be careful of? Good luck!


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if you are planning on drinking alcohol you need to refeed for atleast a week - if your just going for the one meal just have 2 shakes in the day and then your evening meal but like you say be careful with it, no carbs :)

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