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How long until you noticed a clothing difference?


Shoot to thrill
when id lost 4 stone it became visable.. ive nearly lost 8 stone now... still here to loose more :) x


Shoot to thrill
You look brilliant Pink, my goal now is to get below 16st. Great weight loss.

And W5CHELS I wish I could notice after a stone but I need you guys to be the judges of that really....
do you take pics ? to track your loss? x

and thankyou :) im starting liprotrim today.


Shoot to thrill
I do indeed. In my blog I'm always updating it with pics. I guess I should put them all together. I have them all in one place on my facebook though so it's easier to tell.
can you add me to facebook im interested to take a look

kiira vamp kraze is my fb name

:) xxx
:eek: im famous already ?? :eek:...
where have you seen me?

just took a look at your blog its awesome i will be following it , i also will answer those 50 questions they are really kool.. and i freak when people tag me in facebook as well lol. you look fab tho :p


Shoot to thrill
They are aren't they.
I've added you on facebook. We are both friends with Kel so I've seen you comment on her pics and status updates and what not.

We're going to have a little pierced, dyed tattooed facebook weight loss army!
thats the best kin of army to have right :p
and yeah kels brill we been mates for a while lol..

accepted you ... x
ill check them out too :)
will take a loook. x
i seriously love how you dress... 6 months ago i was so anti girly now i love dresses belts shoes lol... i brought these last week , i cant get into the dress just yet but not far off .. the shoes are lush...

might wear black leggings with the dress what ya think? x



Shoot to thrill
Oh man they are gorgeous! I really love those shoes. Totally go for black leggings, maybe even black and pink striped socks!

I think once I get to a sensible size I'll be a bit more alternative than I am now. My style is so eclectic but I'd prefer to be a bit more quirky, like I was when I was in highschool. There's a shop nearby where I work called black lace and it sells dresses and shoes like that but they only got to a size 14. (WTF)

I'd love to be able to buy anything from online stores such as Fairy Gothmother, dolly dagger and Modcloth! It pains me to have to go straight to the 'plus size' section.
awww i totally know what you mean chicka .. that dress is a size 16 . i hate how clothes are limited i think everything should be made in every size.. plus curves make clothes look better so indeed wtf lol x

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