How long until...


Losing it!
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a) my headache goes?
b) I get in to ketosis?

And which days do you think are the hardest on this diet?

I've just done day two and not found it particularly difficult. When I was hungry I ate and drank and the day just passed by. I wonder if it's because my head is in the right place just now?

Oh, I took my before picture last night. How did I get so fat? A year of living in a house without full length mirrors hasn't helped. I almost feel ashamed to exist! Oh well, at least looking at those will spur me on to get in shape.

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My worst day was day 4 and then I woke up on day 5 not hungry so I guess that's when I went into ketosis :)


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It's different for everyone - I was in by day 3 but then started on 2nd Jan so was sooo fed up of the christmas excess I was happy not to eat (strange I know) some people can take up to 5 days but stick with it - it's soo worth it in the end (as you can see by the different posts)

Good luck and hope you get into ketosis soon



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Awww 124 don't be so hard on yourself!! We all of us have done the same thing thats why we are here on this diet. Just wait until the pounds start to come off you will feel sooooooooooo GREAT!!! My worst days were 4/5 but after that is was wonderful. Don't get me wrong there are days when you think I can't do this anymore but if you can kick those thoughts into touch you will soon be where you want to be. Good luck xx


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Good morning 124, yep as Terri says it is different for everyone, I went into ketosis on day 4 am on day 10 now and not had a bad yet. Yes have had the odd craving here and there but nothing to bad.


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I find that I can have a bad hour! lol
I become a raving loony, but I ride the wave of craving and then it subsides, I have been known to have a few hours like this on any day I am! x


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Im on day two of Exante now, previously did Cambridge.
I was in Ketosis by day 3 if i stick to it 100% no cheating, which is what i've done so far.
Today was hard, I work for an airline, and have spent today in a hotel (too cold outside to go anywhere) which has driven me round the bend in a way, but at the same time, no food here, all i have is my exante stuff and 2x 1.5l bottles of water. (Mind you, im sure the kit kat in the mini bar winked at me earlier)

I found once I was in ketosis it got better, then once I started weighing myself and seeing the lbs come off, it was motivation enough to keep me going.
But hang on in there, i bought ketostix last time i did this and i was obsessed with them, i was weeing on them EVERY time i went and sometimes it would say i was ketosis, then in the afternoon it would read normal.
So i stook to just testing first thing in the morning, which always showed me in ketosis.
Also, the more water you drink the better this diet will work (but dont drink too much at once, can be dangerous)

Good luck, and stick with it, it does get easier, we promise you!


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I found that days 4 / 5 were the hardest each time I have started back into Ketosis, those are the days that can make or break, the mental decision to keep going or eat food.
Dont be too hard on yourself about being overweight, you are here ow and theres only one to go ... that is to get better hunny.


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Usually i find day 3 hardest in any diet....this one was no exception! Usually always get a really sore head by day 2 and day 3 it 4 for me is usually the start of it getting better. For me tho, even when in ketosis i really strggle at night....not with hunger, more with bad habits. I always used to get my little one to bed and have a late dinner, followed by jnk food whilst watching the tv. Now i have my last shake at around 7ish and find myself fihting the cravings all night. I dont suppose this will dissapear in a hurry...just trying to retrain my brain ntil it does lol x