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How many calories per day?


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Just noticed that today I'll have had 1060 calories. Myfitnesspal says for my weight and a 2lb loss per week I could have 1560 calories and what with the assistance of the little blue pill, I wonder if I am being too restrictive.
Your advice will be much appreciated. xxx
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It is a good idea to follow my fitness pal with regards to the calories. sometimes it can be a struggle to reach such targets, but it's best to at least have 1200 per day...

When you start dieting, after so many months, if things start to slow down and plateau you need to alter things slightly and be dropping calories by 50 is the way to do it...so by starting with recommendations you'll always have something to drop down to for future weight losses... I hope that makes sense hun :D

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I have around 1300-1400 a day according to myfitnesspal and so far it has worked quite well. I started exercising this week which raises the calories you can have, and I did, resulting in staying the same this week so think I will try to stick around 1400 regardless of exercise. Hope that helps.
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I'm the same as Gemma and try to stick to 1300 to 1500 a day. My resting metabolism is 2300 according to a survey i did. The heavier you are the more cals you need to just live and breathe, so any exercise i do is a bonus.



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Bootsdiets days I need 1475. Mfp says 1200 so try and stick to somewhere between the 2.

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