How many cals per day?

Discussion in 'Route to Management' started by Alibongo, 26 March 2008 Social URL.

  1. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    I just want to make sure I am having enough, I am worried about eating too much and think I may not be eating enough in the process.

    By my reckoning, if we are going from 500 cals per day to 2000 cals per by the end of RTM (I have checked what I should have for my age, weight, etc and it is just over 2000), then it should go as follows or thereabouts.

    Week 1 add 100 = 600 per day
    Week 2 add 100 = 700 per day
    Week 3 add 100 = 800 per day
    Week 4 add 100 = 900 per day
    Week 5 add 100 = 1000 per day
    Week 6 add 100 = 1100 per day
    Week 7 add 100 = 1200 per day
    Week 8 add 150 = 1350 per day
    Week 9 add 150 = 1500 per day
    Week 10 add 150 = 1650 per day
    Week 11 add 150 = 1800 per day
    Week 12 add 200 = 2000 per day

    I made the trigger weeks more as it is higher cal stuff.

    Does that sound about right to you?
    I am on week 8, and have been trying to stay down at 1000 mark, but with adding staples this week it is hard, but I am scared of putting weight on.
    Logic tells me that I can't put on weight by eating 1350 per day, but I am getting panicky.

    Also I have upped my exercise, like today I did 1 hour step aerobic class then a 40 min power walk round the park. According to my calorie counter that is about 800 cals burnt.
    Is that too much if I only eat 1000 or even 1350 per day?

    Unsure about all this.
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  3. Deb G

    Deb G Silver Member

    I'm on week 5 going into week 6 and I am on 1000-1100 at the moment - so you look about right. On the LL website it told me to stick to 1500cals a day to maintain at 5ft6 and 8st7 - so I won't be adding too much in when I hit the trigger weeks. To be honest - if I had to eat like this for the rest of my life, I'd be perfectly happy as I am healthy, full of energy and LOVING my food!
  4. Deb G

    Deb G Silver Member

    Scrap that - did it again and it came up with 1940 cals a day and 2200 when I'm competing - must have put it in wrong.

    Blimey - how am I going to eat all that extra food?????
  5. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Well, I've burned off 400-500 cals in a day while on vlcd and been alright. You should be fine. You just need a good amount of protein for the muscles - which you must be getting now, right? And enough carbs to restock glycogen stores used up during exercise. Now you are out of ketosis, with an hours step aerobics you probably would have used quite alot of glycogen and would probably have started fat burning after the first 25mins of exercise so it is just a matter of restocking with the carbs you are allowed.
  6. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    You'll find a way :D
  7. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    I remember wondering how on earth I was going to eat all the food that I was supposed to, the wondering doesnt last too long believe me!!!

    You need to keep an eye on the scales, but over a period of time when upping calories, I could put on weight at 1400 cals, but it was a blip, so i stuck at 1400 cals for 2 more weeks and lost again, so i upped to 1500 cals etc. There is no hard and fast rule for everyone, just slowly work up, very slowly. Dont rush anything x

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