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how many cals to lose 2-3 stone in 6 mths


hi everyone i want to do a low calorie diet but am not sure if the food i will be eating is okay and how many cals i need a day to lose 2-3 stone ,i will be eating
breakfast -fruit ,apple tangerines or grapes
lunch-tuna salad,cucumber , lettuce,tom or smoked salmon sandwitch with lett,cuc
tea- protein -chicken/ prawns / turkey with stirfry peppers , onions,tom,soya sauce
for snacks just fruit and drink only water
so can anyone please tell me if this is okay and how many cals i should eat a day ,am thinking maybe 800cals a day also starting the gym for 1hr 5times a week next week .:):) i would love to lose this for summer june would be great xxx
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Hi Kelly,

I am sticking around 1000kcal but I'm not doing much exercise, I think 800 is very low even if you are inactive. I think If your doing all that exercise you should probably be eating more because you will feel very weak, particularly at the beginning and it will be difficult to be motivated. Maybe you could try adding something at breakfast like porridge or cereal? I find if I just eat fruit for breakfast I'm more likely to snack through the day. Everyone is different though and its what works for you.

Good luck! x


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Hi Kelly, 800 calories is too low. Most nutritionists recommend never going below 1000-1200 calories per day if you are following your own diet.
This is because you may start to burn more lean/muscle tissue as your body will become very efficient at storing any fat on so few calories.
I would start on a higher calorie intake and see how you go. If the loss is too slow there are many VLCD's out there which protect any lean tissue and speed up weight loss

Good luck :)
What you need to do is find your basal metabolic rate, and add on the percentage of Harris-Benedict formula for activity level. Google them.
For every 500 calories under you go a day, or 3,500 calories over seven days you lose one pound in weight.
For instance if you perhaps have a BMR of two thousand calories a day, a daily diet of one thousand would be two x 500 calories under your allowance which would let you lose two pounds a week. Sounds complicated, but it is the formula which dieticians use to calculate allowances and predicted weight losses. Don't forget though that as your weight decreases, and your activity level changes, then the amount has to be recalculated.


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I think 800 is slightly too low to be honest. If I were you I'd try for 1000 - 1200 a day especially if you plan on doing exercise. Good luck! :) x
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