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How many Eggs???

miss jelly tot

CWP Consultant
S: 13st12lb
Hi, I know they are free but can I really eat as many eggs as what I like? I can't get my head around this:confused: So it means I could have e.g scrambled eggs for breakfast, omlette for lunch and quiche for dinner and snack on a cake made with eggs? That means I could (although I wont) have around 6 a day or 42 a week!:eek: Wouldn't that effect losses? Thanks
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S: 14st8lb C: 14st4lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.96%)
In theory you can eat as many eggs as you physically can! Although not sure your body wouldn't get somewhat bored!

Eat away!


Slow but sure....
S: 22st0lb C: 19st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 55.1 Loss: 2st7lb(11.36%)
It has been said that eggs don't cause cholestrol problems now and we can eat them all the time, before that it was said to stick to 4/5 a week.

I have 6 chickens so I always have lots of fresh free range eggs so I always have eggs for breakfast - I love eggs no matter how they are cooked except fried in fat of course.

So enjoy your eggs...


Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
I suppose I have around 6 a week. Oh Donnie, SO lucky having hens! When I retire I fancy having a few. I only buy eggs from farm shops, the supermarket ones don't taste of anything.


Vegetarian who lives2eat
G: 11st0lb
I eat about 4 per day,so around 2 dozen per week,dont know what effect they would have on me,think it depends whose opinions you believe.Will get a cholesterol check though.


S: 16st3lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 4st3lb(25.99%)
Well... I hope they are ALWAYS free!! LOL!! I eat loads and probably wouldn't cope so well if I had to limit the amount I eat!!


Silver Member
S: 13st3.0lb G: 9st11.0lb
My dad has 10 hens so we always have loads of eggs so I eat them like they are going out of fashion! My favourite has got to be scrambled eggs (3!) with chopped tomatoes (uncooked with pepper) and scallions (spring onion also uncooked). If on a red day I have ham or bacon too. Its so filling and lovely! x

Andy R.

Time for a change
I know it probably isnt the right way to look at it, but I feel i used to eat so much crap, that even if u have 20 eggs a week, it in no ways compares to what i used to eat. I eat so much healthy thanks to this diet. Just an opinion lol.


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S: 11st9lb C: 11st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st8lb(4.91%)
i love eggs, i'll be eating about 4 today! Boiling up some now for egg in a cup, and then will be making an egg fried rice for tea :)


Slow but sure....
S: 22st0lb C: 19st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 55.1 Loss: 2st7lb(11.36%)
I eat eat eggs for breakfast every day as I just love eggs especially with having my own chickens - I know exactly where the eggs have come from (LOL) and how old they are...

I take a cholestrol tablet daily anyway so they probably don't affect me that much, but as I lose my weight I am hoping that I may be able to ditch the tablets as I suffer with arthritis and take enough prescribed medication as it is, so to lose one tablet a day would be good.

Judimac having chickens is great, they are my pets and have a good run in the back garden, it is so pleasant and relaxing to hear them clucking away to themselves, and they all have names to too.

miss jelly tot

CWP Consultant
S: 13st12lb
Thank you all. It funny how different people have been told different things. I love eggs (unfortunatly no chickens though, lucky people) so will carry on as I am doing.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
mm eggs eggs eggs.. i love, omlettes, syn free pancakes.. poached scrambled 'fried'.. the lot! ... my brother has 4 hens, so we get loads of eggs. They'r fab.. and almost glow in the dark with goodness haha x


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The Foods Standards Agency has this to say on eggs Food Standards Agency - Eat well, be well - Eggs Basically there is no recommended limit unless your doctor has told you to limit the number of eggs you eat. You are far more at risk of high cholesterol from saturated fats than from eggs. So for most people there is no problem with eating lots of eggs, as long as it's not all they eat.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
To be fair, if you think about anything too much.. anything could cause you damage.. even thinking too much :O eek! lol x

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