How Many Have Come off the Wagon?


I ate my willpower!
Hi All

I am into week 5 and struggling. I never thought I would cheat - I am in it for the long haul - but I have :confused:

I am still in ketosis as I have only snacked on protein - but my inner chatterbox is telling me that it is ok- because, afterall, I lost loads on Atkins and I was eating loads of protein then and because I am still in ketosis I am still fat burning.

BUT... I feel so quilty. I feel I have let myself down. I know that eating protein (plain chicken) is not the end of the world and it could have been a lot worse, but I wanted to be one the ones that didn't cheat at all.

How many of you have cheated a bit but still gone on to loose all or most of your weight?
Hi Sarah

If you're in week 5 isn't that Add A Meal anyway..:confused:

I'm sure you should be eating a small meal on top of your 3 packs a day. Had you CDC explained this to you?

I think lots of people fall off the wagon at some time, and often in not such a control manner as you have. So well done there :)

You should be on AAM anyway as Mrs Roch has pointed out, so why not just do that and get rid of the guilt?
Hi Sarah

I cheated, nibbling on cheese and ham, lost most of my weight but never quite got to target (about 10lb away) now struggling to lose a stone that I've re-gained.

Trouble is you see, the nibbles increase and they become a habit. What starts as a bite of cheese once a week after weigh in becomes a daily nibble 'cos it makes no difference and I stay in the pink' Before you know it, a slice of bread has been added and then an evening off at the weekend 'for
a special occasion, and I'll just order a chicken salad'. Habits are quickly and easily formed and before long most weekends have become 'special'.

We all think that we will be ok, we will just have a nibble and that will be the end, yet if you read through some of the posts on the Strugglers and Restarters Thread you will see a recurring theme.

I really regret my decisions and wish I had stuck to SSing 100% as I did for the first 10 weeks or so. Looking back that was the easiest and most successful time of my weight loss.

Try and get back on the wagon fully, don't kid yourself that you will be any different or stronger than the rest of us, I thought I was........

Week 5 is Add a Meal week though, so you can have some protein and 'green & white'. Your C should have told you all about it. That may help get your nibbling urges out of the way:D

It's very hard though, I know, I've had more re-starts than I dare admit to:eek: Good luck.
I asked my CDC and she said that as I had cheated on Sat - I should stay on SS for another 2 weeks and have the AAM then?
I've never heard of a CDC recommending that but I'm sure a CDC will be along to pick-up your thread and advise.

I would have thought if you'd been craving it would have been better to have your AAM to get you over the cravings and to make you eat in a controlled way.

Just my thoughts...:)
I should imagine that your CDC is thinking that since you 'cheated', your body probably doesn't need to have AAM just yet.

'Need' physically, and 'need' psychologically are two different things though, and if you find you are constantly nibbling on chicken it seems to me that you would be better doing AAM all the time and make it 'legal'.

The weightloss will be the same, but the nibbling will be in a controlled manner so less chance of having a bit extra of something 'illegal'.

Dont beat yourself up too much! Just treat today as another day, and ask yourself why you cheated - its often boredom or stress isn't it?

I am really REALLY bad - i must confess, this will make you feel better!

I had my bday this weekend and had a total break from SS - this is what I ate:

Thursday (finished work and CB told me it was the weekend i deserved a treat! - I had a chicken kebab - it was lovely.

Friday - day off work, had CD breakfast and lunch drank loads of water.........had a cheese sandwich before i went out which was lush.

Had 2 DOUBLE CHEESEBURGERS FROM LIVERPOOL ST MCDONALDS after i had been out for a few drinks - had a cosmopolitan, and 3 bacardis and diet cokes.

Saturday - Went to Nando's, had chicken in pitta with chips and coleslaw.

Had party food - pate, mini hamburgers, taramaslata, cocktails, loads of alcohol.

Sunday morning - had big bacon roll - it was delicious.

Went out for a big indian with my family, it was so nice but i felt a bit sick - ate loads.

Had birthday cake, and crisps.

Monday - decided to start CD again when back to work so had a pizza hut at lakeside.

Back on it all day Tuesday..............and Wednesday until i caved and had beans on toast for dinner and some chicken AND went to the cinema and had a few sweets.

Weighed myself this morning and..................had only put on 2lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was really pleased, yet i thought why did i eat so much? I could have lost this week if i hadnt had eaten so much crap.

I keep telling myself today that it is a new day and FOOD ISN'T WORTH IT - what does food mean? nothing, nothing at all - losing weight is more important.

Sorry i know i am rambling, but do you see now you shouldnt feel guilty about the chicken.

I take into account what someone said about the habits though - it does become a habit and before you know it you have put a stone back on!

Tut - better change my ticker!!! Only 10lbs to lose though i suppose..........
I asked my CDC and she said that as I had cheated on Sat - I should stay on SS for another 2 weeks and have the AAM then?

Hmm, that doesn't seem to meet COMA's guidelines so perhaps you need to ask her again regarding this.
Thanks Unreal! I don't think you should be feeling too bad though - afterall you have lost so much already. I am just at the start. The next break I am having from the diet will be on Xmas Eve, Xmas Day, and Boxing Day and that's it until goal. I have accepted that we all have weak days and if I am that hungry that I can't stand it anymore, I will have some plain chicken and not feel quilty. If I wanted to cheat when I was on any other diet it would have been a big baguette and ordering pizza then having dessert afterwards!
I personally chose not to compromise my diet whilst I was ssing because I wouldn't have been able to handle going back to being a good girl again :rolleyes:

Now I am in management I make compromises all the time but I can now handle it.

It depends on what is right for you. If you ask yourself why you have eaten and why it was so important to you and nothing emotional came back from that then you my find it easier to jump on and off the wagon than someone who eats for emotional reasons. Then again, you might not.
I have not cheated, as such. I did 120+ days pure SS with not a single variation to the diet (I'm on Lighterlife) and made the adult decision to eat when I had to go to America to accompany my husband on a business trip - it was very important trip with a couple of important dinners. It was go, and eat carefully, or not go at all. I decided to have the free trip to America! But I stayed in Ketosis - I did Atkins style, with one glass of white wine and chicken salads.

All along I said I would eat on my 30th birthday, which is Saturday. I will not be paying heed to staying in Ketosis - and am fully prepared to have to "climb the wall" again on Sunday/Monday. It is, once again, an adult decision. Bear in mind I am 5 stone down now with another 1-2 to go. There is NO WAY I would have "cheated" in the 1st 100 days - that's just me - I would have even skipped the USA if it had fallen then.

Now we approach Christmas, I will be doing what I call "careful socialising" and SS in between. This means 1 glass of white wine and an extra foodpack about once a fortnight. Its once again a purely adult decision - it will slow my weight loss - it will cost me extra money - but that's my choice, and if I dont like it, I know what to do.

However that to me is worthwhile. What is not worthwhile is snapping on little bits and bobs in the kitchen - not worth prolonging things just for that in my book. Each to their own - and I do agree with your rationale about ketosis, I think if you have to cheat you really should try and stay in ketosis! But if it becomes a reason to cheat, then you need to look at that and deal with that - its part of your personality to rationalise and justify - you could probably sell ice to the eskimos! So something postive has come out of it - but you now need to tackle that. Good luck x
Sorry my post sounds a bit contradictory - I would define cheat as breaking rules and trying to get away with it, and doing it in an uncontrolled way. If you break rules, be fully prepared NOT to get away with it.

Having said that cheating is cheating, if we define it as not sticking to SS 100% from the very beginning till goal is reached, then yes, I have cheated.
Thanks Sally

It was Icemoose'e and your blogs that got me into this VLCD thing!

I have been totally on the wagon today - despite being hungry. I have decided to record my water intake in my diary - giving a tick for each 500ml drunk! Focusing on that has really helped. I am not going to cheat anymore - I will find other ways to deal with my hunger.

I only really want to eat when I am happy. When I am sad or stressed, I loose my apetite. I think this "need to eat" has come from my job offer, which is a job I really wanted. The 1st thing I wanted to do was go out and eat something. Now, I know that I have to find other channels of celebration and I am going to get my hair done and buy a pair of boots that I am after!