How many packs per day?


6 stone to lose!
hi mat!! i just called my cdc today to ask about that, im 5ft 10 i start on the 13th she said you defo have to have 4, no matter what since we are taller! dont know why lol hope a cdc will come along and correct me!


6 stone to lose!
oh and good luck!!!!!


It's important to have 4 packs if you are over 5'8" as you won't get all the nutrients you need otherwise and your losses may be slower too as your body holds onto the lbs.


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Hi Jodie,

Percy greenfingers mentioned in my introductions thread about being on 3 a day. Now I may be wrong, but I thought Percy was a man.

I don't quite see how it can be so clear cut as all men have to have 4, women 5' 8" and over have to have 4 and women under 5' 8" have to have 3. Surely there is more to it than just that.

For me it means the difference between being able to start CD now, or having to wait a few months or so, or doing something else instead.



taking control (again)
And please don't anyone take what I am saying the wrong way. I am not saying anyone is wrong or anything. I just would like to find out for sure.


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Hi Mat,

I am 5'6 and my CDC said I need to be on 4 a day (but i haven't stuck to 4.. usually 3! I find 4 a lot!), I assume it's because of my weight. My starting weight is 22st 13lbs so she told me to have 4 packets a day. She initially wanted to start me on the plan where I have shakes AND a small meal until my bmi comes down but I didn't want to do that because the idea of no food appealed.

I think you should take your start weigh into consideration also... lots of factors hun and I think you're right to check it out properly first xx Good luck


Hi Mat !
An alternative to the Sole Source programme would be the Sole Source Plus programme ( option 2 ) which is only 3 Cambridge meals ( regardless of gender or height ) plus a 200kcal meal chosen from a list of options.


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As said above why not staart on a higer plan so you have 3 cd meals and a 200cal meal from the book.

BTW Percy is deffo a

And good luck.xx