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How many syns do you use?

I just wondered if people used their 15 syns each day, and what you use them for......does it make a difference to your weight loss?

I usually use my syns on olive oil (if i have used my heb) sauces, and treats

Some days i feel like i shouldnt be using up all my 15 syns lol but i do tend to have 10-15 a day
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I am aiming for 15 syns a day but am saving a lot up this week so that I can enjoy a planned meal out at the weekend. Not sure if this will make any difference. I used to do it when I was at uni and needed to save all my syns for drinking!!

I think I was told then that if you have a lot to lose, you should start off with 15 then, when your weight loss slows down, you can cut it down to 10 and then 5 when needed.

Don't know how true this is either!!!


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I have a couple each day however I generally try and save mine for the weekend for wine and some kettle chips!


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I usually have 10 a day (sometimes 8 and sometimes 12). :) I use all of them on treats, I would HATE to spend them on "food", lol. I have choc, biscuits, extra cereal bars, cake etc. I've lost 4st 10lbs in 55 weeks, it's getting slower but I LOVE that I can eat "normally" and now wear a size 8 (instead of an 18). :)


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I try so hard to only use 10 but always end up using all 15 on chocolate and options hot choc!

I agree with sofartogo....... if the losses start slowing down I'll be stricter and cut down.


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Im on my third week- last week i used 38 & this week i am trying not to use any and save them for lunch out at the weekend. Reading the other posts though is making me think i should use more, as i have a lot to loose & when my losses slow i wont really be able to go lower on syns?
Its great that you can save some to use on a special occassion, if i didnt have the syns option i dont think i could stick to the diet....just to be able to have a treat when i want makes such a difference
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Im the complete opposite to shrimpy and use most of mine in meals! Used to use them more for treats but have found I dont actually want them anymore. Double figures most days.
S: 17st11lb C: 16st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st7lb(8.43%)
Im another one who doesn't use them weekly, I have a daily "use em or lose em" :p -I use a few in my recipes as I use oils instead of frylight, but most of mine go on an exta 250ml semi (6) and 2 activia intensly a day -(2.5 X 2) -so thats 11 syns dealt with ;)
I am on week 41 now and have lost 108lbs :banana dancer:- and so far I have been a crisp, bread, chocolate, sweets, pastries, cakes, alcohol and take away free zone :D and I haven't missed any of them ... lets hope it lasts whilst I get rid of the last 80lbs :cross:
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When i first started sw I had 15 a day now I stick to 10 a day, being closer to target I had to cut them down as I wasn't losing on the full 15. Im much wiser with my syns now though, because I dont have many I try to use them on worthwhile things ;)


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It depends what I have planned. If I have plans at the weekend I will save most of them but if nothing planned I will aim to use my 15 each day. I have lost regardless of how I use my syns but I always use most if not all of my syns.


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I give myself 70 per week with a buffer of 35...............I have used about 80 this week and I get weighed tomorrow..............I use mine on brandy and options chocolate (luverly...nom nom nom).....a replacement for wine....first weigh in tomorrow......


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I tend to use on average 7 syns a day, I don't find I actually "need" that many in the week, but I usually have a bottle of wine at the weekend, so I save some for that. I have now started counting down my syns, so on a Weds I have 105 and then cross off each and every syn I use. I have got a little white board on the fridge.

Helen xxx
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i am really bad i don't tend to use my syns at all
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Depends on my mood lol :p some days i have them all and some days i only have around 5-10. I use my syns on spread on sandwiches, alpen bars or hifi bars (if ive run out of healthy B's) gravies, sauces ie ketchup. Or on a sunday i like to have a good decent roast, lots of gravy..stuffing etc.



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I'm on my second week, (weigh in tomorrow) I was using 8 to 10, but have been trying to use up to 15 a day as I have long way to go and will have to cut down further down the road. But saying that I'm still having about 8-10 a lot of days. I tend to use most of mine in the evening so I still have something to look forward to. I'm using it on ketchup and have a treat tin of kitkats and crisps.
But if I wanted some of a takeaway I would def consider saving a my syns weekly or cutting down a lot after.
S: 16st11lb C: 14st13.5lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 1st11.5lb(10.85%)
I did a test and one week I ate less syns, the next week I ate my full 15! I lost 2.5lb the less syn week and 3lb the full syn week - so I know what I'll be doing from now on!!!


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I think I might try doing mine weekly. I've not used many this week and I've missed anything but I'm out tomorrow night. I don't think I could use many a day apart from on things like chocolate or other snacks, I feel like I can't lose if I'm eating them so I tend to avoid! Most of the ones I do use go on dressings and sauces etc. I'm still a bit confused on if you're allowed to save syns, read a lot of conflicting things.

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