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How many syns....


Alomst there :)
Do you aim to have a day/ week?

Do you use your whole allowance of 15 / 105? I've seen so mant different things on here, and TBH I don't actually remember what my sonsultant said.

My friend tries to have as few as possible and doesn't seem to be having very good losses recently. Mine have been up and down, but by syn consumption has been up and down too....

I think my reasoning is that having 10 syns a day works out to be about 200 calories roughly (going by the 1syn = approx 20 cals) which is likely to make sure you're getting enough, rather than consuming too few and putting your body into starvation mode....

I'm not sure what my point is really? I think what I'm trying to say does fewer syns = better loss?

Sorry I know this question has been asked/ answered like a million times already, but my searches don't seem to come up with much! So sorry for the repetition!:eek:

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I try to stick to 10 a day, because I don't have a lot of weight to lose and I found that on 15 my losses were non-existent (they're still very slow on 10 a day).

I tend to go for 70 in a week, that way I can indulge a bit on some days but pull it back on others.


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Im splitting my syns this week, i had a load on Saturday, and im gonna have within my weekly limit of 105 by thursday (my weigh day)

I think my C says to have between 8-12 a day!


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I save most of my syns for the weekend, but I think the advice is that if you have quite a lot to lose that you should stick to 5-15 a day. I think it's so you don't get fed up with the plan if you have a long journey and so that later you have something to reduce in case you are having a plateau.


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I tend to aim for between 5 and 10 a day because my social life is quite impulsive and it means that if something comes up like a meal out I can then afford it without beating myself up!! It also gives me a bit of leeway incase I underestimate something I've eaten eg if I don't know how much fat was used to cook something etc!X
I start the week with 105 syns. Anywhere between 40-60 can be used just on wine on chocs on a Saturday night.

For this reason alone I started keeping an excel spreadsheet so I could keep an eye on how many syns I had.

I decided to use the information on the spreadsheet to monitor my losses/gains/sts by entering my weight at WI against the amount of syns I had left that week. That way I would be able to see a pattern.

Well the long & short of it is, is there is no pattern :D. Whether I've got no syns or 20 syns left has no bearing on my weight for that week.:cool:

Personally I enjoy a glass of wine in the evening & if I had less syns I'd feel deprived.

One thing for certain is your syns are there for a reason, so use them;)
yeh definately make sure you use them. i have roughly 10 a day but i dont always have them all and try to save my syns for the weekend. im sure iv been told its really bad not to have any syns at all in a day so make sure you have a few :)

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