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How many times have you rejoined SW?!

Hi Guys,

I am new to the site but not to SW!

Just wondered how many times you have re-joined?

This must be at least my 6th time if not more, I have never gotten to target but have been very close!

I will be on here a lot as I need all the support I can get, I really want that elusive target certificate/sticker/badge!

Every time I get close to target, I stop going to class and then the naughties creep into my diet and before I realise it that is all I'm eating! Choc biscuits and cream cakes for breakfast anyone?!:eek:

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Slow and steady...
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This will be my third time, but I never really wanted to lose weight like I do now. So i'm pretty confident it'll be my last time re-joining too!

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Hello All!

This will be my second time doing SW but this time I'm going it alone. My books maybe a little out of date now(2003)?
I've just joined this forum to get a bit of inspiration and motivation so I daresay you'll see me around here a lot in the future!

Everyone seems to be doing really well, I'm hoping that this time I can crack getting this weight off :)
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About ny 5th time, this time I feel different though and know I am taking scenic route.
May be my 5th or 6th time but defo my last! Not stopping until I reach target as have only ever got half way there and then seem to go off the rails. Hoping to get my stone award on Tuesday then 3 more to go!!


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to many times. hopefully this will be the last. i have to say though . i have always been made welcome on my return. with hugs and welcomes. x


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1st time lost 3 1/2 stones in 6 months 2005 ( re gained it all ! )
2nd time lost 1stone 3 pounds 2007
3rd time lost 1 stone 2 pounds 2009
4th time lost 1 stone 2010
5th time re started yet again.... lost 1 stones 1 1/2 so far but had a bad week so heres hoping
eat when stressed but trying my best


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ive been going on and off between slimming world and weight watchers aswell as some others since i was 12 years old im now 25. Never got to goal :(

I first went to the slimming world class im in now when i was 15 (same consultants is still there :) ) i think this is my 5th time at rejoining :( but hopefully the last
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Technically my first but I've basically restarted as even though I kept going to group I just gained all my weight back and a bit more. Then got my head into gear. Couldn't officially re-join as was halfway through a countdown but got a new book and will re-get all my certificates and stickers.


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G: 10st7lb
countless times - I am signed up to do online at the mo (paid up until November!) but after that I may consider class again (don't want to waste the money I have already paid) for motivational purposes.
I have lost count of how many times I have joined Sw. I always loose a few lbs and then gain + more. So far in my current book, this is my 3rd re-join and I have said it will be my last!


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This is my first time doing Slimming World - and hopefully my last time on a diet! I absolutely adore the plan. (I've done Weight Watchers countless times before, and also Rosemary Conley.)


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The title of this thread made me smile so much... ive joined more times than I care (or can) remember. Sometimes ive joined half-heartedly and because i "think" i should. Back in November last year I did it properly, lost 18lbs then started a new relationship and it went a bit pear shaped (the diet, not the boyfriend). I also seem to have gone a bit pear shaped!!! I joined online this time as having trouble getting to classes, had a grt first week, lost 7lbs. Past few days ive not been very good at all. Had a word with myself and going for it again starting today. SW is a brilliant eating plan, its got to be the easiest way of loosing weight ive ever done, i really enjoy the food. I - like many others - just have to be in the right mindset to do it. But it feel encouraged and determined again!
I'm guessing at leat 6 times!!! I've only succeeded the first time I did it, after that I would lose a stone, maybe half a stone and give up as it wasnt coming off fast enough! I'm very impatient!!

this time, I'm sticking to it to the letter and still not getting the results but i WILL get there eventually!
Thanks for your responses, I don't feel so bad now!!!

I am rejoining at some point this week, will be going to class as I need the support and praise lol!

Will be on here a lot as need a real kick up the behind! x


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I love this thread as I feel really bad about the amount of times I have re-joined, so pleased it is not just me! As we live abroad I can't get regularly to a class and I do online but I am back in the UK for the summer so rejoined a class on Saturday...it was really inspirational. There is a lady there who has lost 5 stones (the same I want to lose) and she looked really happy and healthy......very motivational.