how many weeks do you buy at a time

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  1. Sam1309

    Sam1309 Silver Member

    Just wondering how many weeks you buy at a time

    firstly i bought
    the starter pack
    pack of mixed soups - free thermos
    2 boxes of snack bars
    3 meal replacement bars

    then i bought some shakes on line, 12 meal replacement bars and new flavours pack

    my way of thinking is if i buy lots in advanced i cannot slip...
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  3. voodoo

    voodoo LOVING MY WATER

    Yes at least you get variety. I bought starter pack, then new flavours online & soup (beef) & vanilla at chemist. I'm TERRIFIED of starting the banana shakes, they will be my last resort, lol. I'm trying to get 2x a week so I can have more choice.
    What a shame you can't pick 21 shakes/soups for your own box to save cash.
  4. Sam1309

    Sam1309 Silver Member

    21??? are you doing three a day??
  5. voodoo

    voodoo LOVING MY WATER

    14, doh! I'm being a retard today!
  6. Sam1309

    Sam1309 Silver Member

    phew i was worrying about you there. i agree that would be nice
  7. theresa

    theresa Full Member

    i buy 2 weeks at a time then mix them:D
  8. KaitlynsMummy

    KaitlynsMummy Member

    i bought:-
    Shake starter pack with free shaker and program guide - 14 shakes an 2 soups
    1 x choc caramel snack bars
    1 x choc mint snack bars
    1 x box of choc mint shakes - 14

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