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How many


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I'm not sure on the four packs a day, honestly I'm not.. I'm sure a CDC will be able to advise you on that...

If, in complete desperation, she still insists you do the 4 packs a day, could you not buy as if you were having the four packs but just use three? You would at least build up a surplus which would mean you wouldn't have to buy one week... Or is that just really devious???!!!

Failing that, go back to your old cdc, am sure she'd welcome you back with open arms!!

Good luck in what ever you choose to do!!


The Diet Guy
No No! If you are 5ft 8in and doing SS you must have 4 packs a day and your new counsellor is absolutely spot on! This isn't to keep you from being hungry, it is to make sure you are getting enough vitamins, minerals and protein etc to keep you healthy while you lose weight.

If you can't afford the 4 packs then do Cambridge 790 as that is 3 packs a day for 5ft 8in ladies with a small protein based meal that still offers very very high weight loss results.

Please don't do the diet with just 3 packs though as it isn't safe to do so long term.

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Cambridge Counsellor
What Mike said. It's absolutely true. You need 4 a day for all those reasons.


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I'm 5 feet 7 and a half inches - so why am I ok on 3 packs?? Surely if at 5'8" she felt ok, that's fine?? Why the strict cut-off - like I said I'm only half an inch off this. We all need the same amount of vits and minerals it's just the extra calories & protein that someone who is taller might need - so if she felt ok on the 3 packs surely that's ok?? I feel fine on 3 packs, but my CDC and I agreed that cos I was close to 5'8" if I felt the need for an extra pack occaisionally that was fine, surely the same must go at 5'8"?? If she needs the extra protein then surely just a bit of lean meat every day would do and be cheaper???

I know why you need more packs, not arguing with that, but just find it strange that at just under 5'8" I am ok yet half an inch taller and I would be 'made' to have 4.
I too am also 5' 7" and a half. But I don't understand why that half an inch needs another pack?????? i just missed out but i don't think i could fit in 4 packs if i had to


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Peachy and Kandy,

A Mike said at 5f 8in you need 4 pack to make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to keep you going.

When I have someone that come to me at 5f 7 and a half I say to them if they need a 4th pack to have it.

Half an inch may not seem much, but a lot of research has gone in to CD and I truely believe they have everybody's best interest at heart. Cd has been tried and tested over many years.

Cd has to have a cut off point for those having 3 or 4 packs because of their height or where would it end. People would be lacking in some vitamin and mineral eventually.



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No but you DON'T need more vits or minerals if you're taller. You do need more calories and possible more protein as you will have larger muscle areas, but the standard guidlines for vits and minerals are the same whatever your height and size. Your lifestyle might mean you need more of certain vits and mins - eg if you're a smoker or vegetarian, but not your height or size.

Sorry to be picky.

Equally I understand they have to have a cut off, but I also believe that half an inch shouldn't mean that someone is 'forced' to have an extra pack when they will function perfectly well on 3. 5'9" is going over so I agree by that point you do need 4, but why isn't there some graduation process starting at 5'7" up to 5'9" (for women) where between these heights you are advised that an extra pack might be beneficial, at 5'8" you are encouraged strongly to have it but it's not compulsory, up to 5'9" where you have to have the extra pack. Surely a CDC should be able to tell if someone contuinues to lose weight too quickly on 3 packs and they're 5'8" then they should be on 4 and they could be told this at the start??

I understand the guidelines are there, and I'm not denying it's important that they are, but surely this can be more flexible?? Why this cut off??


Cambridge Counsellor
Because any CDC found to not be complying with the rules set out by the company loses their agreement and can no longer be a CDC.

These days it really is as cut and dried as that.

We advise (or should do) what we are told to, but the client has the overall control on whether or not they follow that advice.

I have clients who don't follow the rules left right and centre, and all I can do is to warn them about what might happen if they don't. I can't MAKE people do the diet by the book.

The 5'8 thing is based on the kcals and nutrition that a woman at that height needs. I don't know why it's 5'8 and not say an inch either way, but currently those are our guidelines.
This is all based on Government recommendations set by the COMA committee. Men and women 5'8" and above must have four packs.

It has been that way for many years now.

Additionally if you do not have all your packs weight loss can actually slow down.


Cambridge Counsellor
Since about 1987? Something like that.

And I do have some experience of that happening to people. Sometimes they think that if they skip CD meals it'll speed up the weight loss - it really doesn't. It's like your body won't burn as efficiently because it's not getting everything it needs so it holds on to weight because it's going through a lean period of intake. Same thing with the water intake - don't give your body enough and it holds onto the excess just incase you aren't going to give it any water for a long time and you end up with water retention and little weight loss.


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S: 14st7lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 2st12lb(19.7%)
The crazy thing about all this is that height and high muscle mass do not always go together. Many a squat and broad but shorter person has a much higher mm than a tall stringbean. But alas, they can't make rules for every eventuality.
My old cdc was a right rule bender, she advised men under 5.8 to do three packs which I did think was a bit poor, she obviously had minimal understanding of metabolism. Luckily none of them keeled over on her and they lost successfully..apparently. My dh is only 5.6 but he is a brick sh*thouse and would flake on those calories.

If you really can't / won't do 4 packs then maybe say you want to do 790, but don't have the meal if you feel ok - or be honest and say you would rather 3 and a meal because of cost maybe? There must be some middle ground, you are at the cut-off, not over it. That is another idea of course, get measured again... I thought I was 5.7, but my mum measured me the other day and I lost half an inch. I have no idea how accurate her measuring tape was so it may be wrong - bit of a bummer as that takes my goal down even more for the bmi.:rolleyes:

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