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how much am i looking at putting bk on ,on refeed:S

this is my 10th week on tfr but im giving it 3 more weigh in's then im starting refeed....how much is the average 2 re-gain in this period and is it harder 2 loose that weigh after?im doing 1 week refeed and 2 weeks matinance i think...then starting slimming world to get rid of the rest of the weight.so worried im going 2 put on loads when i start re-feed
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Hi Yummy Mummy (just a quick one as I'm off out, sorry)

Stick to the refeed sheet 100% and you shouldn't gain. I'm in my 3rd week of refeed and the first week I lost 4lbs, the second week 2lbs, and I weigh in again on Friday. So it is possible to lose on refeed.

I stuck to the menu 100% and still drunk my usual 4.5l-5l water.
oh FANTASTIC:):):) looking forward to it now thank you sweetie


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BETTY BOTOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a difference!!!! You have done amazingly well! I couldn't believe it was the same person and in such a short time as well. Well done doesnt seem to do it justice!
I just finished my refeed week (only doing 1 as I only did 3 weeks of TFR) and I lost 2lbs on it.
So if you stick with it, you should definitely not gain :D


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Theoretically you shouldnt gain on refeed but it has been known some do.

Just stick to the refeed sheet to the letter and you cant go far wrong :)
i lost 3 lbs on refeed this week yayy:)


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Well done on your refeed week.
I gained on my first week but lost the gain and more besides on my second week!
But the norm is that most people either STS or lose and there are a few that can just gain but it isnt fat, it is just the glycogen levels filling.

I stuck to the refeed 100% as well.

Well done though :)


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Well done sweetness :)

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