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How much did every1 lose on there 1st week at sw


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Hello again,
i was wondering how much every1 lost there first week?
some people i know said they have lost 10lb :eek: on there 1st!!
am excited about starting, but a bit worried :cry: as i have never lost that much in 1 week, the most has been 4lb on my first week!!
kel x
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I lost 4 pounds, my first week, and I was very pleased with that.
Some people do lose more, as we are all different, but four pounds is ok, so I wouldn't aim for too much if I were you. Any loss is good, and it does come off.
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Trying again!!
I lost 4lbs too - I was really pleased with that and it does give you a boost to continue but I would have been happy with 2 as I'm in this for the long haul really and like many other trying to make it more of a lifestyle choice than a diet.
I lost 3lb and was really happy with that:)


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thats good 2 know nt every1 has extreme weight loss there 1st week!!
well done on all the weight loss!
I lost 5.5lbs in my first week. Since then my losses go up and down - once it was just half a pound, sometimes it's 3.5lbs :) I have also lost every week for 5 months... so far!
i lost 9 pound on my first week , i was well happy
First week only lost 1/2lb, was a little upset
But have gone on to lose upto 4lb
(so far its always been at 1lb or more a week, works out to 1.75lb a week)
When I did it a few years back I lost 7lb in the first week but this time I only lost 4lb. Probably because I used to eat loads of junk but this time I'd just been skipping meals and eating high calorie, low in nutients food.

Glad am on track to healthy living :)
Whilst I can really understand why you'd like to get an idea of what everyone else lost in their first week, remember that everyone is different so everyone will have different losses! I remember thinking 'oh I'm sure I'll have a good loss this week' and lost 1/2 pound in my first week, which although I was disappointed with, I stuck to the plan and lost another 2 the following week! You may, or may not, find you first week is a really small loss and sometimes even a small gain if you're coming across from another plan (VLCD for example) but stick with it - SW is fantastic and a great lifestyle choice xxx


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I lost four and was very happy with that, but as they say, a lot of what you lose in the first week is water and not fat.

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