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How much do you pay??


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Mines £36 a week, not sure how much re feed is though, be interested in finding out


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I think refeed here is €75 but I think I will follow someone elses tip and try to get some free samples sent to my mates in the UK for when I am over in July..... Can just about stretch to the €65 after buying some in the UK last month, not sure about paying €75 but will cross that bridge when I come to it!!

What I am thinking of doing is doing a week with 2 TFR packs and 1 carb free meal then another week of 1 TFR pack and 2 carb free meals. I know I will need to strictly limit carbs for the rest of my life as they upset my stomach.


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I think refeed here is €75
Why??? You use less TFR packs during re-feed?

TFR is £44 in N. Ireland.

What I am thinking of doing is doing a week with 2 TFR packs and 1 carb free meal then another week of 1 TFR pack and 2 carb free meals. I know I will need to strictly limit carbs for the rest of my life as they upset my stomach.
I can understand you trying to 'limit' carbs- but you'll find it practically impossible to live a carb-free existence? There are carbs in almost every food.
Why not just follow the re-feed plan? I plan to do the re-feed for 3-4 weeks to really slowly re-introduce carbs to my diet.
After LT, I plan to limit my carbs and up my protein, as I had problems with the amount of carbs I was eating. They were all 'healthy' complex carbs, just too much!


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I know it will be impossible to live carb free but in the early days of refeed & maintenance I will probably be on holiday at my sisters place in Portugal. It will be very convenient to live off salad and either fish/chicken. Bread/pasta/rice all make me bloated and my gut very sore so from this point of view I will be strict with carbs apart from the LT & weight loss side of things.

Like I say, I think maintenance is €75, from convo with pharmacist some 2 years ago, the 1st time I did LT. Maybe there is someone in the south who is on it who will know better??


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Just on that someone else has posted that they pay £58 for TFR in the north... I s'pose this was what I meant about price variations!


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The cost for men everywhere is more. God love them, but they tend to lose quicker so I guess they have to make their money off them somehow! LOL! The re-feed week uses a lot less shakes than TFR (can't remember off-hand, but I think it's 8-9 instead of 21), so I can't understand why it'd cost as much as TFR? I'd double-check that with your pharmacy!

So its not all carbs you're avoiding, just complex ones? Thats more or less what I'll be doing too. They don't aggravate my system, I just tend to bloat with them? So will have to experiment to see which are the worst for making me retain fluid etc.?
Maybe you have a gluten intolerence, or mild IBS? Have you ever had any allergy tests?


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Been tested and it was inconclusive, I have an auto-immune condition too that likes to mimic other things so anything is possible. I have got to the point where I know what does not upset me and more importantly what does.. The challenge is to avoid those things as I love bread and spuds.

Thankfully I enjoy salad (although not the preparation) and veggies so I will be following that route when I go for re-feed and maintenance.


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Jeez...that sounds like a pain?
At least you know the triggers? Thats half the battle I think? Doesn't make it any easier, but it helps?
I love my salads & veggies too, and have got a few tips off the low-carb/Atkins forums for what to put together for healthy meals. I'm not a fan of atkins (too high-fat for me!) but some of the meal plans have given me ideas?
I am paying 70 €!Feckin rip off country.Just look at the difference u guys pay in d UK. arrrrrg it really p****es me off, big time!


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Thats why I try and get as much as poss when in the Uk, theres a big difference between €65 and £36 now the exchange rate is almost equal!
yeah i am such an idiot i was up there last weekend an didn't even think about it,i thought u need to be signed up with them in order to get it. Cos my pharmacy are such a pain they mak such a big deal out of it when i go on hols to give me 2 weeks in advance
Heya Im in Cork aswell. I pay 64euro in Ballincollig. When I started I was in Dublin and it was 67euro, and my friend is paying 70 something at the mo. Its fe**in crazy.:mad:
I emailed Lipotrim with some questions about the refeed and they told me I was entitled to free samples of the maintanence stuff the week Im doing refeed. Not sure how much it is normally though. Sure Ill be in for a "biiig" surprise ;)

Also does anyone know if you can get wholewheat wraps in Ireland at all!! Cant seem to find them anywhere and Im hoping to stick to "good" carbs after refeed lol.;) Thanks


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I'm going to look in the big supermarkets- some of them have aisles with 'special' foods (gluten-free, atkins etc. etc.) and see if theres anything there that I can use? I'm nearly sure I saw atkins stuff in Superquinn, I might've been wrong though, it might've been Dunnes or somewhere?
If I find out I'll let you's know.

PS: Littlemissmini- I used to go on my holidays to friends who were involved in the GAA club in Ballincollig!
I pay £48


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its a rip-off here in n-ireland for Male Lipotrim...£58.00 a week....and the chemist always says..oh sure you would spend that on food a week....yeah right!!!
I pay £33 not wanting to upset the barrel more. Do think its unfair thought the different prices not as though its jus a few pound here and there.


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Little Miss Mini,

I am not far from you!! I saw wholewheat wraps in Lidl but that was sometime ago, I bought them once but the kids didnt like them!

Will be looking to a soda or wheaten bread for the very few times I fancy a slice. Gonna avoid breads as much as poss but do LOVE garlic naan bread with my curry!!
Hey Irishmum hehe small world :)
Lol ya I went to one or two shops this eve to compare stuff and see who did what. Must have looked like a right loon wandering around with me list and pen haha.
Theresa6 thank you must keep an eye out for them. I was in Lidl today and they seem to have good wholemeal stuff. Im gona stick with that for the refeed and then hoping to just be good rest of the time. Usually have gluten free bread if I do eat it but it can be quite high in calories and sweet so think Ill be like you and try and not have the ole bread too often and when I do go for a "healthy" version.

Gosh Philip that does seem pricey. Almost the same as down in rip off republic!! Ya I agree with ya... Ill be saving money when I go back buying food!!! Silly chemists heehee;)
mmmmmmmm naaaaaan breaaadd mmmm :drool:

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