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How much does lipo trim cost you?

Morning Folks
Hope you are all doing well what ever day you are on wether it be your 1st or 101st
I was wondering what people pay for lipo trim i paid £48 for my first week and just got 14 packets of mix
I turned down the bars as i heared they tasted rank.
I have also seen that on line pharmacies you can get 3 times the amount i got for the same money and different flavour:D
Also what other support do the pharmacy give you other than the weigh in?;)
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Hi Craig, I pay £33 for the week. My first pharmacy were fantastic they all encouraged me each week I was there for 12 weeks, then i had to change and the attitude of the staff is very negative towards LT. I get weighed by all different people so its not ideal but they are open on a saturday so I need to stick with them. Ive never tried the flapjacks and I only have chocolate shakes. :) Good luck with your journey .
:( i wonder why there is a £15 difference?
Im guessing you are male with you saying 14 sachets? (god I hope Im not wrong) hehe I think its more expensive for male lipotrim but I dont know why. But men lose much quicker so you wont have to be on it as long so it will balance out in the end lol
Quite simple Craig.....though men only have two portions a day as opposed to our three, they are much bigger portions! Thus I guess you have to pay more. Simples!
Hi Craig, I'm paying £48 also so I think it sounds about right. My pharmacy didn't seem that enthusiastic either, they I will be weighed by who ever is there.
Slightly different from last time when i had to go to the surgery and a nurse would weigh me, check my keytones and check my blood pressure .
hey mate i pay 48 aswell, depending on whos in the pharmacy at the time, i might get weighed, i might not
I pay £48 as well - bit of a rip off. Losing weight so I do really care just think I am in wrong business
I pay £36, and (generally) my pharmacy are great... I get weighed by 1 of 2 staff, they talk about my loss, and if i pop in to the pharmacy between weigh ins, they either do it all for me or let me in the room and i do it myself... It really shouldn't be hit and miss, but it seems it is.
I think if you buy online you need to be careful-not everyone is honest, and you really cannot be 100% sure that what you are buying is the proper stuff. I know Lipotrim post on their website that you mustn't buy from Ebay x
Hey I pay£45 too....it is expensive but its so so worth it. I would have been paying that is takeaways for the family and well we are not having any. Men lose it faster anyway so u might not even be on it that long.
I agree with Su be careful about where u buy it from. Good Luck!

In Ireland it is €65 (£55) a week for women.
yes, we pay €65 in Ireland which is £55 , We really are ripped off here. 22£ difference .....ggrrrrr... However i have to say my pharmacy is fantastic, there are two girls who do the weigh ins and they really spend time making sure i'm ok and asking how i got on etc. I'd be cautious buying on line.
Marie, do they blame it on the shipping costs? That's what usually happens here in Jersey. No a problem with LT though cos I pay £36 same, I think, as everyone in the UK.

M&S food, however, has our 3% GST and then another 5% for transport costs......bloody nightmare when you think you've got the right money for a sandwich at the till and you've forgotten about the taxes!


Will be thin god dammit!!
I pay £33 a week here in England and its a private room where we get weighed and speak with the pharmacist so quite good really.
Hi Sandra, yah shipping cost and also everything is more expensive here. Even clothes from the high street shops always have 30-40% more added on when you do the currency conversion. To give you an idea, For €65 I buy all the food for my hubby for a week including meat and any other household stuff we need. But you know what it's worth it, i'm so happy with myself now. I love that i'm no longer size 16/18 and i feel great. That makes it sooo worth it