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How much does the cambridge plan cost per week?


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I'm very interested in the Cambridge diet but worrying whether I can afford it or not. I've seen somewhere that it is about £35 per week but does that include the meal replacements or is that just the cost to see the consultant each week and then you buy the products on top?

Many Thanks

Amy xx
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Hi, I'm not sure if all areas are the same but that sounds about right, there are some items that are a couple of pence more but if you are on three packs a day that should cover your food and seeing the CDC


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For 14 sachets and 7 bars i pay £39 a week. I sometimes buy the drink flavourings as well that are either £5 or £7. It does depend on your CDC but i would say about £40 tops. Good luck!
I am on SS and pay £36.76 a week thats for 21 shakes that i have 3 times a day and everything else is included in price like weighing and measurement and CDC theorpy.
I pay around £36 a week for 3xshakes a day.


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I phoned my local consultant today and she's said £50 per week for SS so I'm doing the next step which has a protien and veg meal, as its £37 so a bit cheaper


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I phoned my local consultant today and she's said £50 per week for SS so I'm doing the next step which has a protien and veg meal, as its £37 so a bit cheaper
That confused me for a moment there. I guess you are 5'8" or over?


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maybe you should ask a different consultant, because I'm sure all products are the same price

was the £50 for 4 packs a day? or were there extra's in there like mix-a-mousse and water flavourings.

mine is £39:20 for 7 packets and 14 tetra's


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I'll ring the other local consultants and ask their prices as it does seem a big jump from £30-£40 which I thought it would be.

She just said that there were different plans and that the sole source is £50


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Something doesn't sound right there. If your CWPC is charging £50 for SS (she can chose to charge what she wishes), then that's usually the price for SS, SS+ and 810, as you need the same amount of packs.

Unless she charges less for 3 packs a day if you are on a higher plan, which is very unusual.

Has she told you which plan would be the lower cost?

2 meals a day would need to include a breakfast (usually extra carbs), fruit and dinner of protein and carbs. and would be the 1000 plan.


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£50 seems a lot more to me. Mine is around £36 and i usually have 3 bars and 18 shakes/soups.


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Hi :)

I spoke to her very briefly on the phone but from what I can remember, she said that there where different plans and different charges for each plan the sole source being the most expensive , then she said that there was a plan where there is one meal and the other two meals are replacement products and that was £37 per week.

I thought that you had to start off at Sole Source then move on gradually to the other plans once a certain amount of weight was lost?

I've emailed another consultant and just waiting for her to reply.



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Just spoken to another consultant and she asked my height (the other one didn't) and she said its 35.00 per week for basic SS (just sachets) ... I've decided to go with her (she seemed really friendly ) so will be starting next month (I'd start earlier but got to wait for money to go into bank)

I think the other lady must of meant that everything including tetra packs etc would add up to £50
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at least you've got your info straight, and good luck when you start, keep us up to date :)
Amy, I am glad you found a great consultant which good prices.
Hi Amy!

Good luck on your CD journey! I'm on Week 4!

I pay between £35-£40/week.

My CD's prices are as follows:
-£1.75 for all shakes, porridges and soups
-£2 each for bars and tetras

So I normally get 15 shakes = 1.75 x 15 =£26.25
And 6 x tetras = £12

Total - £38.25

From this week I'm getting 6 bars instead of the tetras as I've realised I don't like the tetras / they make me feel ill! But thats just me and most people love them!

I'm glad you went to another consultant as I can see why £50 would've put you off! I justify £35-£40/week as I used to spend more than that on takeaways!

Good luck!


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I'm thinking my new CDC may be a bit pricey - I've had enough shakes left from my old CDC to see me through to this point but I had to replace some of my porridges today. I got 7 A&C Porridge shakes and 3 bars and it came to £20.20 which surprised me as I was expecting it to be about £15-£17.50 ish. Not a massive amount more but that's going to add up over the weeks and I'm now on 810 so having to buy food on top. At those rates I may be switching to 1000 earlier than planned.

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