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how much exersise??

good morning all..

I was just wondring about the amount of exersise you all do.

I started sw last fri and have only been doing red days.. and been good
this is what i have done re exersise

thur:swimming 1hr
Fri:bodycondtioning 1hr
sat:gutted the house took me 7 hours (house ot bad but got into attick and all cupboards)
mon:swimming 1hr
tue:bodyjam 1hr and 15min on air glider
Wed: aquafit 1hr

seems quite a bit a tbh i have really enjoyed getting back into it I used to be a fitness freak although I m worrying about my first wi as muscle weighs more than fat?! what if I have put on?? aaargh stressin..
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Well done on getting back into the exercise. Don't worry about gaining muscle mass, you will be toning your muscles but it takes months of very specific body building exercise to actually build muscles.

I'm more into walking now and a bit of swimming. Any exercise that raises your heart rate (aerobic) is good for helping with your weight loss.
Good luck with your WI xx
I went for a run for the first time in years yesterday, wont be going again for another couple of years either!! Hated it lol.
Used to go to the gym 3 times a week from Aug 08 - Aug 09 but then my membership expired and never bothered renewing it.
TBH my weight loss is the same with or without exercise.
I run 3x a week around 5-6K per time. I also do one powerplates session a week, go bike riding once a week @ 10 miles, and then the odd walk in the evenings & weekends with hubby.

Starting a sailing course this weekend so will be "exercising" from 9-4 both days, so fingers crossed for a 1 stone loss next week. LOL! I never like exercise, but now that I do it regularly, I am really starting to enjoy the way I feel and the amount of energy I have. I hated feeling tired all the time!



Mad old Bat with Attitude
I did nothing, well I raised the odd eyebrow! until July when I got a wii and invested in Sports Active. My weightloss did slow down for about 4 weeks, but my measurements plummeted! Then the weightloss speeded up again! (till I started fannying around! but that's another story!)
Get your tape measure out and write your measurements down, and DO include your knees thighs arms and under your bust as well as the main ones. Accept that perhaps you may not get huge weightlosses at first but that you will have consistently good ones, but watch those inches disappear!

I do about 3 and a half hours exercise a week.
I was going to the gym 3 times a week (90 mins per session) and then stopped due to holidays and business trips. I am now unmotivated as I know that the first week will leave me feeling awful - permanently exhausted - and I just can not face that at the moment. I sometimes walk home from work (2 hours fast walk) to get some exercise. I enjoy it and it does not exhaust me.
I'm lazy. I love exercising, love running, cycling, the gym etc etc but once I've got home and done all my other jobs it's gone 7 and I can't be bothered. So, I don't say that I don't have time to exercise, I just say I'm too lazy to fit it into my day. I do walk my dog though, twice a day and fast!
Your exercise week sounds like mine used to do years ago!!
Don't worry about the whole muscle weighs more than fat business, a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat and as eternity says, it takes a long time to build muscle.

Let us know your WI result, sounds like you've had a fab week!!

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
Hi there - I used to think "exercise" was a dirty word, but now I just can't get enough! Hubby and I started off slowly, going for little walks, around the block or to the local shop and back and we now go for a 10-mile walk, every second day - we also go for a 40-min run every other day, I skip in the back garden doing 10,000 skips most days, and I'm usually found out and about with one of the grandchildren playing chasing or shaddow tig, football or whatever!

Sometimes it can be a bit demanding but I generally feel so much more "alive" and I've certainly toned up quite a bit!

I don't honestly think the exercise has sped up the weightloss though, but I would agree that you're likely to notice inchloss .... I certainly have! I've lost more than 6" off my bust, 9" off my waist and 11" off my hips - going from a size 20-22 to a 10-12!

The exercise combined with food optimising will shift that weight and shape you up, so go for it if you're able to ........... the results are all worth the effort! Best o'luck'n'stuff to you with your weigh-in, and your inchloss!
Ive just brought the wii fitness coach for my WII, done 30 minutes cardio monday and 30 minutes core yesterday. Im going to do another 30 minutes tonight and tomrrow.

I will increase in time, but just thought id ease myself into it, ill tell you my legs really ache so must be doing something hehe

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