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Am I doing enough or too much? and will i see results so soon?

Hi all,

I've just began the exercise regime again and would love some of your thoughts/advice on this please :)

I did originally do body combat once a week and as much as i thoroughly enjoyed the class i am short of money at the moment as im not working and wanted to do a bit more exercise while im off (currently waiting for the summer hols to end so i can begin some supply teaching).

Anyway i managed to sign up at my local leisure centre for £19.90 and i get:
Weekdays before 2pm: Gym, swim and fitness classes and
Weekend: unlimited use of gym, swim and fitness classes.

I go away in 3 weeks (11th sept) and really hoping to try and tone up lose inches/and a bit more weight before i go away. Ive lost 6st7lb so far so im building up some confidence to wear a bikini so thats why im working so hard with the exercise to help boost my self- confidence that little bit more.

I plan on continuing with my exercise once i return and even upgrading to the full membership for unlimited anytime for when i get busy with the supply teaching.

anyway heres my routines am i doing enough/ too much and what are the chances of seeing results by the 11th september ??

week 1:
2 mins warm up walking
15 mins treadmill (I am near enough dead after this but i manage it: made up considering before i could only run the max 1 minute!!)
3mins cooldown

15 mins on the crosstrainer
3 mins cooldown

15 mins on the bike
3 mins cooldown

2x500m on the rowing machine (resistance level 8)

15x3 reps on:
upper arms
upper legs
inner thighs
and also side of abs/waist (3x15 on left side, 3x15 on right side)

Same as above

until this week i didnt know fitness classes were included in my membership so this week i have done:

week 2:
mon: rest day
tues: gym (same as above)
Weds: 1hr pilates class followed by the gym (same routine as above)
thurs: Meant to go to 1hr tone and stretch class but was so sore from day before.
fri:(today) 1hr body pump and then gym (same routine as above)

Sat, Sun and Mon: rest days as i Weigh In on a Mon night and wanted to reduce fluid retention as much as possible.

next week i plan to:

Mon: WI/rest day
Tues: Gym (same routine as above) and 1hr swim
Weds: 1hr pilates followed by Gym (same routine as above)
Thurs: 1 hr tone and stretch class (same routine as above
Friday: 1hr body pump class and then 1hr spinning class

thoughts/ advice please :)

id be most grateful
thanks :) xx
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I'm no expert but I reckon you are doing enough to see results soon. I was an regular gym goer last year and was doing 3 classes, 3 hours swimming and 4 hours gym every week, although no treadmill as I HATE them lol!. I was definitely looking better and losing weight. Annoyed with myself as I stopped going.

You should speak to one of the trainers at your gym. Most will have a look at your workout plan and tell you if you are doing enough or too much for free.

Just listen to your body and have a rest when you need to. Overdoing things and hurting yourself will do nothing for your bikini body!

Hi there

Well I do a fair amount of exercise and my best 3 weeks I lost 12lb and in truth I lose 3lb on average a week most weeks, which I reckon is the most you want to lose. there are negative effects with more rapid weight loss, and if I overdo it I get tired and dont lose weight as my body responds by protecting fat. Grrrrr....

1. Glad you do pilates - I do this and while it wont lose you and lb's it fantastic for joints, mobility, core and repairing bits of you that your gym work will have worked hard.
2. Your body has limits and overdoing it is counterproductive. However if you feel fit then introduce a Tabata session at the end of your sessions. Its a 4 minute workout where you work at maximum (and I mean total max) for 20 seconds and then rest 10 seconds doing 8 sets of these. I recommend using the bike to start with. This type of intensity burns fat over a prolonged period - its aim was for VO2 maximisation but studies show its fat burning capabitity. You can find plenty of data on google.
3. If Tabata is too hard try and just do some sprints say 1min on then 30 secs rest. I know it sounds counter intuitive but high itensity has been proven to burn fat so while there is this 'fat' burning zone you can use short highly intense sessions to help boost your fat burning.
4. Do high rep weights. This means aiming for 20+ reps with a lower weight. Focus on your BIG muscles, and for your short term goal ignore smaller muscles such as abdominals and biceps. Again sounds counter intuitive - you want nicely shaped arms and belly but working your big muscles (bum, legs, chest, back) burns MORE energy. More energy burned results in lowering your fat level. People with six packs have low body fat and this is the main reason for having this plus heavily weighted abs exercises.

Use machines, kettlebells, dumbells, barbells - doesnt matter which. Most kettlebell or body conditioning sessions cover these exercises as well.
Suggested exercises that you should find you can do in most gyms -

chest or bench press
rows - seated, upright doesnt matter
shoulder press
push press
lat pull down

I realise that for many the aerobic revolution means that many people still tend to think along the lines of more treadmill, more time in the fat burning zone etc.., whereas studies and my experience says do more with weights, vary the speeds of your cardio sessions and include sprint or intervals. Your body responds differently and you will burn more fat and tone up.

I'd be happy to elaborate on any of this. I would also recommend setting some targets/goals - amazing how you can find that extra effort if you have a range of targets - not just weight or body fat but others such as total reps completed or distance run in a minute.


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diet is 70% of weight loss sucess so don't let go on it because you're exercising more! I see you say "same as above" quite a lot... just watch it doesn't get too repetitive as your body will get used to it, and you yourself will probably be more likely to give up if its always the same... even do the exercises in a different order or do some research on more exercises to vary your regime. xx
Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your advice been a bit frustrated at the moment with it all.

i put on 0.5lb last week, so this week i dropped the gym after fitness classes incase i was pushing my body too far too quickly......ive upped my fruit and veg intake and drank far more water and the scales look like they have gained again!! completely peeved at this :(:(!

If i gain tommorow i think im going to cancel my membership its really frustrating me!!! ive worked so hard this week i give up!!

was enjoying the exercise and the classes but i just feel all my hard work is continuing to slap me in the face! ive been stuck in the last 7lbs for over 6 weeks now and thats not like me at all!....understandably i was away for one week, had a week off from class the week after (BUT stuck to plan to get the next weeks gain as low as possible) so i was glad the week after that i had only gained 3lb......then i started the exercise regime last week i gained 1/2lb and now this week looks the same im so angry!! ive worked so hard!! :(
Understandable to feel frustrated but you've done brilliantly well so far. Its a cliche but weight loss as my mrs reminds me, is a marathon not a sprint....

dont lose faith in what your doing - regather your focus and work to a plan. let us know how its going
MartinD said:
Understandable to feel frustrated but you've done brilliantly well so far. Its a cliche but weight loss as my mrs reminds me, is a marathon not a sprint....

dont lose faith in what your doing - regather your focus and work to a plan. let us know how its going
Thanks i will do! I know i cant assume ive gained as weigh in isnt until tommorow evening and your weight fluctuates.....im hoping this is why!

If not i hope i get a big loss to make up for this hard work soon enough....preferably before i go away 2 weeks today... that was my whole reason for working so hard as it motivated me seems to be flippin demotivaing me at the mo tho.


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Well done!

As always the reason some people put on weight when they start doing more exercise is because muscle weighs more than fat.

I don't know what your diet is but a good way to kickstart the metabolism is with a low-carb day or two per week. Focus on eating lots of protein and very few carbs.

Good luck!

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