How much Fat SHOULD we have in us?


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We all seem to sit on clothes size, what the scales say on how much we way, but we have some funky new scales that show how much water, fat, fat % BMI etc.

Amazed to see I am carrying around 7 stone 4 pounds of pure fat, having lost 3 stone in weight, only 1 stone of that was fat according to my scales.

My water % should be at least 55% and even tho I am on 4 Litres of water a day 95% of the time, my water % is only 40%!! How bad is that! I obviously need to drink a LOT more!

Anyway, got my lovely slim hubby on the scales, he registers all the healthy bmi's etc, with just 1st 7 of body fat. He weighs about 10.5 stone. His water was 61%

So.. my question.... just how much actual fat should we be carrying around? We all have charts to see how much our weight/bmi etc is, but does anyone know this?
Er no idea but I'm looking forward to finding out when somebody clever posts back to you!
I think those scales sound fab! Good to have your healthy hubbie to compare with. Shows the scales are working. It will be interesting to see the figures going down along the rest of our journey and give you more to focus on than just the lbs. Extra milestones too to achieve along the way to keep you focused and little pats on the back. Sorry I can't answer any technical questions but would love to try some scales like those myself, would hope that the information they give would help me to set my final goals and get me focused on those again as have been struggling since reaching 'normal weight' but still around 14lb from goal.

Hope you get the answers you want elsewhere.

Dizzy x
You'll need to look at a body fat chart as it depends on age, height etc.

There's a thread with some links sent yesterday here

Hope that helps:)
I had a look on the net about this, and the advice is very confusing. Women are supposed to have a higher body fat percentage than men, although the actual figures seem to vary depending on where you look, 22% seems to be a recommendation.

It doesn't actually stop there though because the distribution of fat is just as important as the quantity, many charts consider the waist measurement more relevant than the overall weight. Subcutaneous fat (of which women have more than men) is safer than fat around the organs, so this waist measurement thing is supposed to be an indication of your fat distribution.

I did find myself getting quite upset with some of the things I read, these pages prey on your doubts and lack of confidence, explaining how diets don't work and what harm they do. I feel I just have to ignore all this, in the end if you get your overall weight to a healthy level your body will sort out the components for you. It is not your enemy, it wants to survive as best it can with what resources are at its disposal. So if you get to a healthy weight and give yourself a good balanced diet while maintaining that weight then I think you can rely on your body to sort the rest out for itself.