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How much holiday damage is acceptable?


Will be thin god dammit!!
Im off to Florida for 1 week next friday with my mam and sister and although im prepared to go easyish im not gonna stick to the plan entirely as i have no idea when i will be on holiday again :(

What have you people managed over a holiday - sts? 2lbs on?
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I went to florida, didnt follow any "diet" and gained 1lb :) Mind you I dont drink stacks....

I found that walking all round the touristy places and swimming every day at the hotel obviously cancelled out the big breakkie I had every day lol we did tend to fill up on breakfast (and all you can eat buffet) and then not worry about eating a meal in the day, just nibbled on popcorn or shared fries or had ice lollies then had a meal at night

i took a pedometer with me out of interest and at disneyworld I clocked up nearly 18,000 steps in the day

have a fab time xxx


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I went on my all inclusive holiday to Turkey for a week and i STS - i went to the gym or did some exercise most days to counteract the food and alcholol that was SO freely available....but i did make better food choices when i was there and didnt have burger and chips like i always used to....i think doing well on SW before i went away has actually changed my view on the mealtimes, i wanted to enjoy myself so i did have treats, but i didnt go mad! xxx


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a couple from group went on holiday t flrida and just got back and they said they been quite naughty but walked around at atttractions alot and swimming etc and one gained 1lb the other 1.5lb.... and i think thats okay for 2 weeks away being naughty....

all i'll say is what i been told by my family... enjoy your holiday don't think too much about food as then you'll be more likely go off plan as your thinking too much, make good choices where you can and enjoy yourself :)

o they also said theres a beer out there thats called 55 and its called that as it only as 55cals in apparently works out 3syns :)


I went to spain for 10 days but ending up there 15 because of the volcano, I put on 1.5lbs and that was with an extra few days off plan when I got back.

I to dont drink masses but we did eat out every night and have continental breakfasts and icecream so its definitely possible to enjoy yourself and get away with a limited gain.

I however did allow myself a gain of 7lbs as I felt that was a "reasonable " amount. :D we are going to Turkey in 5 weeks and it will be the same margin again.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks guys - my parents own a house out there an the pool isnt built yet :(
Also no disney etc as ive done all that and this is just the three of us shopping, chilling etc, maybe go to Sarasota beach for the day....
Arrgghh looking like not so much exercise so i may suffer - wanna enjoy it though and i guess when we eat at the house i can be pretty good
I am following the plan strictly, but a holiday is a holiday!!! I don't know how much you will gain chances are you may be more active on holiday as well as the temperature is a lot more sometimes that reduces appetite so get tanned eat well and healthy and enjoy yourself you don't have to overeat to do that. When you come back continue as you were before!! The fruit is meant to be loads nicer there in terms of oranges etc.
You've lost a lot so far and your eating habit have already changed they don't have to totally change just because your on holiday just make sure you enjoy yourself. Have a good time hope this helps!! :bliss:

Remember we are here when you get back!!
Just do what you can and try not to stress about a possible gain. Once you're at target you'll still have holiday's to deal with so it's good practise.:) As it's not a hotel you're staying in you could take along some staples to cook breakfast/lunch if you can be bothered. Last week we went away and I was far from perfect but as it was self catering I ate well in the day and badly at night.:eek: Maybe allow yourself a good 7lbs like soccermom said that way you won't feel dreadful if you gain some but you'll probably be surprised with how you get on.

Have fun, the forum will be an innocent place while you're gone.:8855:


Will be thin god dammit!!
To Laura - :busted: thats me!
I went to Florida a couple of years back and didn't stick to the plan, but like others only put on a few lbs due to the amount of walking that we did.

Whatever you put on will come off again when you're back and on the plan 100%.

i'm wondering this too as for spain for 10 days 2mora.... god know what damage i will have done put preparing myself for 4 pounds....

enjoy ourself but


Will be thin god dammit!!
i'm wondering this too as for spain for 10 days 2mora.... god know what damage i will have done put preparing myself for 4 pounds....

enjoy ourself but
You too - let me know when you get back x


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i'm off to ibiza friday for my hen weekend. if i don't put on 7lbs i will eat my hat!!

but it's holiday time! who cares, it'll come off again and this is a lifestyle and sometimes you have indulgent times!
I'm going to butlins in 2 weeks (nothing like your lovely hols) but I'm going half board so all the food I can eat bascially and as much as I want to say oh well its the only holiday I will have all year the thought of gaining 7lb scares me cause I know it will take me a month to lose that again but on the other hand we are doing this for life and a month is nothing really.
I think because of what I have learnt even if I said I'll just eat whatever I feel like it still would be alot less than before cause my habits have changed and i'm sure yours have to hun.
I think you will be fine hun go do what you have said but if you don't its ok you can work on it later.
have fun hun


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It depends how off the rails you go! :p

If you're just eating 'off plan', but stay within healthy boundaries, and keep portion sizes on the small side, there's no reason you can't STS.

If you have some drinkies and some snacks etc, then maybe allow for a couple of lbs.

If you go right off, fry ups, burger and chips, beer, chocolate and ice cream, then you could be looking at 7lbs or so :D

The in between option sounds best to me, that's what I'm aiming for (I go on a Med cruise for a week in July).

Most of all, just enjoy yourself.
I've been worried about this too, which is a shame as I'm about to go on my first foreign holiday in about 20 years!

I'm packing my books although I'm not going to menu plan or anything. I know which foods are free, superfree or fattening. I'm hoping the nice (hot!) weather will make me want more salads than stodge, and that we'll be quite active with walking a lot.

I do fear putting on a lot though as I've found it hard to stay motivated with being on track. It's been hard to lose the stone and a half I have so far, so it will feel like a massive fail if I put on any more than 2 or 3lbs. :(

I think it's just common sense though at the end of the day. I'm not going to deprive myself but at the same time, I know I won't drink a bottle of wine every night (I'll drink 2! Ah ha ha ha! - kidding! I'd be so ill!).

Hope we all have good holidays and then when we get back, it'll be the motivation to get slim for christmas! :eek:
Im going away with my OH for 4 nights in 4 weeks, only in the uk so nothing fancy. But i made sure we went somewhere self catering so that i could at least limit the damage. Now i can have my healhty breakfast and prepare a lunch to take, or if lunch is something naughty out or i have a treat of a choc bar i will be able to go easy on my evening meal with something like egg white omlette or jacket potato, or vice versa if know am going out for a meal in the eve (will try to make good choices) but will have a better/healhtyer lunch to help even things out.
I really dont want a gain, not even a pound. Atm i still havnt even lost anything on SW or WW for months, like 6 months or so maybe more. I just keep going up and down the same 2 pounds. I gained this morning so am back to where i started at 10.13 (on sw, start on ww was 12.6.) So a gain of anything really is going to be so hard for me to get rid of again.
Up til my holiday i am hopeing for some losses and then the maximum i will be ok to put on will be back to this weight i am now. So the more i lose before the more im happy to gain. wel not happy....but not losing the will to live!
I'came back from a weeks hol AI in Ibiza at the end of May and ended up putting 2lbs on, but lost 4lbs on last weigh day :)
Just enjoy yourself and try to choose the healthy option and make sure you drink plenty of water. x


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i've just come back from ibiza, i weighed myself in boots last tues, and i weighed myself today in boots and i've only put on 1lb! it's a total miracle!

i'll be interested to see if that's true on weigh day at SW thurs!

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