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How much is LL now?


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It's £72 per week now (Vat went up yesterday) - well that was the case at my group in any case! Or £66 per week if you pay for 4 weeks upfront.

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Yup... same here, for us anyway...

Quoted from our LL December Newsletter:

"Even though 2011 sets to see lots of price rises and VAT going up to 20% LighterLife have rolled back their prices to 2008 during January, February and March months.

Total Programme = £66"

It will then go up in price, which will include the new increased 20% VAT...

I assume it's the same all across the board, or at least, it should be...
Excellent, I got this weeks packs before Xmas but have to go back tomorrow for more so hopefully they are going to do the discount too!

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Slowly shrinking again!
Maybe my LLC is pulling a fast one then! Although I am happy to pay for a month upfront as it's my committment that I won't mess around and lapse.


going to do it!!!!
I joined last night and paid £66 llc said it was for 12 weeks didnt have to pay month in advance though( thank goodness, bit skint after xmas with having 4 children lol:D)
Other VLCD companies are saying the vat increase doesn't apply to shakes/soups etc. Only to bars which are classed differently. I know Exante and LT have said this and im sure CD have too. I'd be tempted to query why LL are saying it costs more

" we operate a Weight Loss Store where we provide meal replacement products that replace conventional zero rated foods for weight loss and our products include shakes, soups & bars and have to date not charged our clients any VAT on these products as we do not get charged VAT from the manufacturer and also no other meal replacement company similar to us, ie Lighterlife, Cambridge Diet, Lipotrim, etc charge VAT for their food products sold .

We were recently visited by the HMRC who now state that all Meal Replacement Bars that include any added glucose, fruit or are covered in chocolate (which basically means all Meal Replacement Bars from us and other companies already mentioned and more) are a confectionary product and are therefore should be standard rated vat at 17.5% / 20%

Have just had a look around and ALL the big VLCD companies are confirming the packs are VAT exempt so the increase wont affect them....
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£54 for LLL and £72 for LLT

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