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How much is your food bill?


Not such a fat kat now :)
Just out of interest How much do you spend on food? Ive planned menus and bought only what we need for years ,originally in an effort to cut costs but in the last 12 months to make sure I was doing SW meals.
Ive noticed though in the last 4 -5 months my food bill has crept up bit by bit so that Im now paying around £40 more per fortnight than I used to. Ive put this down mainly meat going up but everything else as well.

Im cooking for 5, 2 adults, 3 children but the children are 17,16,11 so adults really.

I spend now £160 per fortnight rather than the £120 it used to cost me. (I do a 2 week shop at a time) with extra milk and bread locally.

I shop mainly at ASDA if Im working but I have tried other places, particularly LIDL and ALDI. Sometimes theyre cheaper, sometimes not. It all depends who has what offers on.

I cook from scratch, no ready meals or sauces in jars.

Would be interested to know how this compares with you all and if you have any tips for lowering it.
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mines between £80 - £100 a week. I order my food online now so i dont see anything naughty on the shelves and slip it into the trolley. i cook from scratch too for me, my oh and our 2 year old.


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Im the same as Pizzle, order online so not to grab naughtys from the shelves lol. Its usually about £60 a week including del. Thats 2 adults and a 2 yr old. I did notice the price increase once I started the diet, but then we've only just moved in so im stocking up the cupboards. I like to use cheap staples like pasta to keep costs down :)


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There are 3 of us and I spend about £80 per week although some weeks it's a bit more, some a bit less. This includes all toiletries, cleaning bits and washing powder etc and I cook everything from scratch. I also get a large veg box delivered every 2 weeks which costs about £18.


Wont tell you how much I spend, but I live with 4 males and they eat a lot.

I have noticed though since moving back to the UK that the cost of groceries has gone up a lot, I was away for a year and the staples I used to buy before leaving has gone up drastically and are now luxuries for my kids and now not buy every week items.

Forget the baragins like BOGOFs etc, they may be cheap, but thy have put up the price of other stuff that doesn't have deals on.


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I usually do a £100 monthly shop to stock up and then I spend about £50 a week. Can't afford anymore than that!

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1lb at a time!
Ours (just me and OH) is approx. £200 a month - I do one big shop (ASDA) a month and then top up with the basics each week as necessary! I do think the cost of food has gone up a bit recently, I've certainly noticed it when doing the 'top-up' bits at Somerfield/Co-Op each week xx


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Iv thought about doing an online shop, but i actually enjoy food shopping when the supermarket isnt filled to the brim with people, I love actually seeing whats on the shelves, and its like a little bit of time for me :)

iv budgeted about £160 a month for food, for me and OH when we move out in 2 weeks time, which seems to be the average. Im sure i could do it cheaper if i needed to but id just waste petrol getting to the cheaper shops like lidl and aldi.. (my sister in law, to be.. lol told me aldi is the best for fruit and veg? she was perticuarly impressed with thier £1.14 grapes :O lol!


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i spent around 25 squid a week.. sometimes when dead skint a tenner. this is just fr me


Not such a fat kat now :)
we seem to be an average family I guess. I just wish I could get hubby and son to eat less meat and be more open to 'green' days.


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I shop for 5 adults and spend £70 a week on EVERYTHING including cleaning/washing powder/toiletries etc. Don't have meat every night though and that makes a difference.

Heard on the farming programme yesterday morning that the veg is rotting in the fields now as they can't harvest the collies etc due to the weather, so expect to pay around £2.50 for a collie very soon if you want English. That's what sends the food bills up. Farm foods yesterday had frozen bags of collie on at £1. guess what, they were sold out!!!!!


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I shop online with Asda and my weekly bill is usually between £65/£80 for two of us- depending on what cleaning essentials I need, or if the freezer needs filling.


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our first shop for SW-friendly food came to over £100 but i hope that now we have some cupboard basics and are hoping to eat mainly fresh we will be able to just buy the fruit and veg weekly and the milk and bread...preferably no more than £40 for the two of us.

We also bulk buy our meat from a local farm shop and freeze it. We currently have 5lb each of stewing steak, lean mince, chicken and bacon in the freezer and plenty of brown rice and pasta. Fingers crossed this will save us money in the long run.

Hopefully we'll only have to top up on salad, fresh veg and fruit this week!


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Me and the OH - £200.00 a month :D But we stick to mainly green and try and eat loads of veggies which cost... But less than red! If i ever do red day the price creeps up considerably! x


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I spend about £80 each week for 3 adults and 2 children including household stuff and toiletries. When my eldest was young, I used to spend £40 to £45 a month as I had to make sure that each meal cost about £1 and only bought about 2oz of cheese for a month!! I don't know how I did it now. But, having a maximum for each meal makes it much easier.


Not such a fat kat now :)
Yes, definately feeling the pinch, My £160 is for 5 adults for 2 weeks and includes everything but when you know youre only buying the same things you were 12 months ago and its gone up £40 in that time, its annoying more than anything, especially when people need to spend less in a recession.


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I've deffinately become more savy with my money in the last 12 months. I make sure I go and buy the reduced meat, fish and veg from all the local shops which for me is the co-op, aldi, lidl and a costcutter, they are all within 5 mins of me so I just do the rounds at the time I know they start reducing items. The co op reduce their food by 50% and lidl by 33% so its a big saving. I am also growing my own veg which helps.


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My local lidl frequently puts out food they want to get rid of because it's at it's use by or best before date and you can help yourself. It's usually first thing in the morning when they open. I've picked up wholemeal bread, flowers, rolls, and occasionally meat and it's been completely free.