how much is your shopping bill?


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thanks, i was beginning to get worried , so expensive these days


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As a student I spend £5 on a large 5aday delivered fruit and veg box and roughly £20 a week in sainsburys, asda or lidl on everything else but I'm just buying for little old me ;) x


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Our food bill for a family of four (plus two cats) has gone from £70 - £80 a week to £90 to £100 since starting SW!! Although I can't help but think it's money well spent if it helps DH and l loose weight and our kids continue their love affair with the fruit bowl!!!

It is expensive though :(

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I did a 'big' shop this week - freezer bits, toiletries, washing liquid, loads of fruit and veg etc. etc. and it costs me £113 (this is for 2 of us). I probably then spend £20 a week for basket bits, fruit, veg and milk etc. So in total our food shop is about £200 a month, averaging out at £50 per week xxx


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Mines very expensive esp with everything fresh plus nice fruit is expensive. It was £70 to £90 a week for two(expensive as it was) now £100- 120!!!!!!! So much money


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I spend around £100 a week for family of 4, before SW it was probably about £85-£90.


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I went shopping a few days ago to stock up on mainly fruit and veg and a few other bits like Mullerlights, etc. The woman who was serving me actually asked me if I do Slimming World, because my basket looked almost exactly like hers. Haha. We were also discussing how much more expensive it is, mainly all the fresh produce.

I realised the other day that the pack of 4 chicken kievs that I used to buy are over £1 cheaper than the pack of 4 fresh chicken breasts I buy to make them at home. And that's not including the price of garlic, parsley, breadcrumbs, etc.

Our weekly shopping, for me and DH, used to be around £60 average. Now it's closer to £90!
I don't mind, of course. As Lilyb said, it's certainly money well spent!


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I spend about £45 - £50 per week and that's just for me. Definitely gone up since my pre SW days when I ate a lot of convenience food that was on offer, but I don't mind as it's improving my health and I can't put a price on that :D


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Ours (family of 2 in London) is about £70 a week, though that includes all the household bits n bobs. It is a bit more expensive than before, but with inflation so high at the moment money doesn't go as far as it used to :(


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I reckon I spend about £100 a week for 2 adults, 2 kids and a dog.
My problem is I need to pop into the supermarket every few days to buy more fruit (I like the prepared stuff) salad and chopped swede and always come out buying more.

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Ours really hasn't changed, it averages out at £120 a week for the 5 of us (4 adults, 1 child). Our eating habits really haven't changed that much as I have always made everything from scratch and always stocked up with fresh veg.

My weight would go on through chocolate, cakes, takeaways etc


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We are on a budget atm so spend between £25-£35 a week for 2 adults & a cat. It's quite tough as i'm veggie & my bf is a meat eater. I just shop around & try to find the best deals!


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We are on a budget atm so spend between £25-£35 a week for 2 adults & a cat. It's quite tough as i'm veggie & my bf is a meat eater. I just shop around & try to find the best deals!

Same here hun, I am on a budget too, and spend around the same as you, we both know it can be done :)


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It really does come down to good old-fashioned household management. Lots of people do it well on a budget so it definitely doesn't have to be expensive - it's more a question of personal shopping habits.

And if you really look at it - how much money are you saving by not having those coffees on the way to work, nipping out to the local sndwich shop at lunchtime, snacks from the vending machine mid afternoon or takeaways of an evening.

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i spend about £100-£120 a week for the four of us, and i may pop to aldi mid week for more fruit etc. that does include all household things as well though.