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How much support do you get ??

Just wondering how much support and encouragement everyone has (and needs) to stick to the diet
My third week is up and so far my other half has done nothing - if I don't cook he will complain like mad and won't offertory do food shopping etc
My daughters brill. She has health issues herself but has been so supportive
My problem is I am a comfort eater. I lost 4 stones previously so I know I can lose all six if I have the support this time round
How do I get over the need to have that support or do i admit defeat and look forward to losing another 14 stone once I'm that svelte confident person I'm dreaming about ;-)
I'm doing this for me and because I deserve it
Anyone else feel the same ????
Andrea xxx

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Hi, I do all the feeding in my family, my husband although he pays for exante gives me a grunt and sometimes a well done when I tell him my losses, I suppose I should be happy he likes me whatever my weight but it would actually be nice for him to tell me I look nice. I rely on the mums at the school gates and sometimes one of the dads will say I look great. Problem is I start to get mini crushes on them because they compliment me ha ha.

I get loads of support on here, and as you say, i'm doing this for me, I've only got ten pounds to go till goal so nearly there, lost seven stones now since 3rd Jan xx


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I don't have any support outside of this forum to be honest. I am a single mom to a 3 year old who eats super slow and leaves half her food lying around for me to 'finish off' lol. I work from home so don't really see anyone on a day to day basis unless i make an effort to go out somewhere. I see my family a couple of times a week but they don't yet know i'm on a diet - i'm not telling them at the moment, i'm curious to see how long it takes them to notice i'm losing weight - a little experiment ;)

The hardest parts for me are:
1. my daughter eats slowly and never finishes her food! I hate throwing food away and am in the habit of eating all her leftovers. I've bought a load of tiny containers which i put her leftovers in now and use it to make sandwiches for her the next day. It's strange because i've never saved food like this before, so used to opening something and eating it ALL (even if that something is a multipack of crisps lol).
2. Not seeing people day to day. It's easy for me to sit here and grow fatter and fatter and feel no shame in it because i don't see other people socially (i'm a bit of a recluse) and have zero outside pressure to be healthy/normal. When i used to go to a normal job in an office, i would look at the other people at work and they would keep me on track even though we didn't talk much, simply because i didn't want to be the biggest girl in the office - social pressure i guess. Also, going to work before i used to worry about fitting into the seat on the train, silly stuff like that, none of which is an issue now. Sometimes it's hard to keep remembering reasons why i want to do this.

Anyway, i anticipate failing quite a few times but the key is to get back up and carry on immediately without delay. It's a miracle i'm still here 2 weeks into this, and that is only because of this community and reading everyone's posts and diaries here.


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Yes I'm a single parent and work at home too but my situation's a bit different!! My kids have all left home bar one who's 16 now and tbh he more or less feeds himself :) Problem is, I used to buy a lot of easy food (junk of a sort) cos although we're vegetarian you can still buy lots and lots thats easy to eat and very high in fat/calories.......so we just help ourselves as and when... not good when you work at home. Luckily I haven't put on too much weight since the last time I lost it but thats mainly cos I'm active (even more so now my little car's been consigned to the scrapheap). My partner stays with us sometimes but he never notices whether or not I've lost weight ~ he loves me whatever which is lovely. He does cook beautifully though and just adapts my meals to be low carb/fat which is very supportive :) The most support is minimins.... there's nothing like having other people going through the same thing as you when you're having a crisis!


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From the OH virtually none (new relationship) he thinks this is a silly idea and that I should look after myself and get slim in a different way.

Mum varies with it somedays she's for it other days (especially when I'm grumpy) she wants to feed me. To be honest I'm quite happy with the support I get on here x


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I love this forum in the short time i've been here. The biggest thing i've taken from it is the knowledge that it is very possible to go from BMI 43 down to below 25 (healthy), and it doesn't only happen to people in magazines, but it happens right here and frequently. I always thought that my goal was to be BMI 35 and that would complete my life, but now i have greater aspirations. I've seen how others get through thick and thin by sheer determination - and i want to join the ranks of people losing large amounts (i have 8 stone to lose). Learnt a lot about myself just from being able to relate to others in similar positions.

namaste, i wish i could get more active - i desperately need to. Unfortunately i love my car way too much. Being able to eat as and when you like is both great (you can cook healthy meals whenever you like) but hard and bad too (only 10 seconds away from the bags of crisps and packets of biscuits, and the postie just put a pizza menu through my door). Well done on losing the 29lb so far, hoping to get there soon myself to, maybe a month away for me yet though, hehe.
When I told my missus what I was planning she said 'there's no way you'll stick to that'. Which is fair enough because I do have a generous appetite (I wouldn't be doing this otherwise). However, I've been following Simple Solution for a couple of weeks and I think she's seen that I can do it and it works!

In fact she's inspired to join in with the weight loss although she's chosen Slimfast for some bizarre reason. Probably because it was on special offer in Boots!

Thanks everyone - it's great to know it's just me with an unthinking partner lol
I'm so happy to be on this forum for those days when things are hard
Andrea x

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I haven't actually told anyone I'm doing this! I did LL a few years ago and lost lots but then have put it all back on, so my family and friends are of the opinion VLCDs aren't good. I thought that too, but I also have started to deal with my food and self-esteem issues with CBT, and want to lose a large amount for my summer holiday, so thought why not try one last time?
So I have zero support, through my own choice. I'm relying on myself and on this forum to get me through - no pressure guys!
I just wanted to say to Dutch - WOW!!! 7 stone in 21 weeks?? That is amazing - well done. Was this just following Exante?
Have to agree with Kay - wow Dutch that loss is fantastic .... Did you build exercise into that - I'd be so happy to accomplish this in 21 weeks - I bet you look and feel fantastic xxx

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