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how much water do you drink?

Deb G

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LL we are told 4 litres a day.


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Between 2 and 3 a day, but I'm naughty! I should drink more. Some days I do.
I drink between 4 and 5 litres per day but never less than 4 - I measure it out in two bottles so I know when I've had 4 litres and anything extra is a bonus. I've done CD before and I drank only 2 litres and felt ghastly.
:D Yep between 4 and 5 is the average, but it doesnt all have be water, i still drink 5 or 6 cups of black tea a day and it helps :D
I have drunk 6 litres a day since day one. I think it was Georgie (Porgeous) who once told me 'The more you drink, The more you shrink!!!'. Always gets me drinking when i think of that!!

I've always been an H20 girl anyway and don't struggle drinking the stuff, but i know LOADS of peeps hate it and it must be awful to have to drink the amount we are supposed to if you do hate it!!


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I have about 3 litres a day and seem to be going Ok with it as regrads to weight loss. NOt sure I could fit 6 litres in without having it pumped in with a firemans hose
I try to drink a min of four.. but i think you have to work your way there if you arent used to drinking so much water.. like.. i aimed for 2-3 litres the first week.. and now im aiming for 3-4.. in the second week.. and i hope by the third week.. ill be aiming for 4 and a bit.. maybe even five.. and im only teenie weenie 4"11.. i swear to god.. i live in the bathroom.. just for that bit of "too much info".. lol
x x x
Minimum 4 for me -usually 5- but struggling not to eat today so I think I have had about 6 so far!


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I have a mig of tea before work, 2L of water at work, plus a few cups too, then try and have another 2l when I get home but not always possible...so I guess I average at about 3L per day.


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I try to have 5-6 litres a day, and so far so good! x

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