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How much water?

I have been doing well with Weightwatchers, but the only part of their advice I never got round to was drinking lots of water. I have black coffee, diet Pepsi, and the odd glass of wine, :party0036: but water has never appealed.

Has anyone tried drinking lots more water? How much a day, and did it make any difference? Does it get any easier to do once you start?
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You dont need to drink water.. its a common misconception that you MUST drink lots of water on a diet... you dont. WW say you need to drink around 1.5/2 litres of FLUID a day. That can be made up of anything you want. Obviously water is healthier than diet coke etc but if you dont like water dont stress, its not essential. Have you tried sugar free squash to maybe help if you do want to increase your water intake


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Personally I try to drink 2lts of water a day. Maybe add some sugar free mixers to the water (Robinsons Summer Fruits etc..) if you don't like the taste of plain water. Like Starlight says your fluid intake does not need to come from water alone.
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I started drinking water just because it felt healthier than the alternatives but most of what I read says that most of us don't drink enough of any fluid and than we need to increase FLUIDs not necessary water. I hated water but have got used to it now and drink about 2, 750ml bottles at work and then drink other fluids the rest of the day. I actually find myself craving the water now, and feel it when I haven't drank enough, but many of my friends just can't get used to it. I am sure adding a drop of sugar free cordial to your water will make it go down better. As for coffee and coke as long as you aren't drinking hundreds of cups a day it all adds to your general fluid intake which keeps your kidneys working effeciently and lets the rest of the organs do their job properly too.
I also seem to find that if I am thirsty by body often gave me the wrong signals and I would eat to get those fluids. Since drinking more, I seem to find myself able to go quite easily from snack time to lunchtime etc without feeling hungry.


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S: 17st3lb C: 14st4lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 30.4 Loss: 2st13lb(17.01%)
I agree on the water front - I never drank water prior to 2002 when I was first introduced to WW and now I couldn't go without it. I can't drink fizzy drinks and I don't do tea/coffee so water is my only fluid intake plus cranberry juice (watered down) every now and again. I have to say that I am loving Ocean Spray Cranberry and Raspberry for water - mixer for the water.
100% agree with smuller as to begin with I was mistaking thirst for hunger and then when I upped the intake( altho I hated the many loo trips at first )it soon settles and you do feel fuller for longer I think.xx
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i dont drink much water either,,it feels like such an effort to me:)drink lots of black tea tho
I was drinking 6 pints of water a day,but the last week or so i haven't drank no where near that much and my last weigh in was a 2lb gain. I dont know if it was because of having less water or totm bloating, but today im definately going to be drinking more water. I use sugar free squash, or plain water, i do have a coffee now and again.


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I used to live off diet coke - but I have swapped it out for tap & fizzy water during the week & treat myself at the weekend - now 4 weeks in I didn't have any diet coke this weekend & didn't miss it either! So I definately think it gets easier (I did have a few glasses of vino though ;))
Thanks everyone, that was really helpful. Think Starlight hit the nail on the head, I really don't get enough fluids. I shall take heart from those who have tried and now find drinking water easier and start with a couple of glasses a day.

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