How much water?


Hi all,

Hope someone can answer my question on how much water to drink and how much is too much.

My sister and I are in our 4th week of CD. I normally drink 3-4 litres a day and she drinks 5-6 each day. Is that too much?

I ask because last night and weigh in she only lost half a pound and was so disappointed. We are on SS and I know nothing other than packs have passed her lips! She did a keto test and the stick was dark pink.

Could she be drinking too much and retaining water? Has anyone else had this happen in only the 3rd week? Our councellor was gobsmacked and couldn't believe it.

Thanks guys

x x x
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Week 3 is notorious for slow losses, many people on here experience a plataux in the loss then. Dont know why, but it does happen and it will come off next week.

5 to 6 ltrs is ok as long as your sister is happy with the amount, it wont make her retain water as the more we drink the more gots flushed out.

Our bodies are strange, it could be any number of things that made her lose that half a lb, TOTM plays a big part and hormones.

The one thing your sister should not do is jack it in for this reason, we cannot physically not lose weight on a VLCD, however everyone is different, half a lb this week may lead to a bigger loss next x


Thanks Vicki. I will forward your reply to her. She won't give up (I won't let her!!) but she was so upset. I'll put a post in my diary then next week you can see how she's done. I'm sure she will have a fantastic loss next week.

x x x