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How muhc to start - any vouchers?


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Ask at your doctors surgery if they do the vouchers. Not all areas do it but if they do you can get 3 months worth of vouchers.

Your friend will get a free week for introducing you. It is £10 to join but you also have to pay that weeks fee so it works out as £14.50 for your first week. Buy a countdown so you pay for 5 weeks and get one free or 10 weeks and get 2 free.
I was going to say about the GP too. You have to meet certain BMI and waist measurements to get them but if you can it does help!
I'm sure there's an offer on at the moment. I might be wrong. But as far as I can remember, you can take a friend and you get a week free for introducing her if you fill a form in. You also get a free entry to a prize draw. I'm not sure if there's a half price registration or not. I'll just go to the SW site and take a look. Back in a mo
Here you go...

Join Slimming World before
27th December and get
And on top of that, if you bring a new member you’ll get another FREE WEEK! That’s only £10 to join and £4.50 weekly – a total of just £10 to pay on your first night!

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Thank you. I've had a look at the site ad found first week free (so £10 for the first week - no weekly fee but still have teh registration fee). Friend might get a week free?

I just wanted to check as usually with WW there is a way to get free registration.


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Any time i have joined it has been 9.50 and last week i got a voucher for a week free if i introduce a friend to sw. Good luck on sw plan, it is fab.
Thank you! I'll hope that my friend can get a week free and I'd better go find a cash machine for a tenner. I know it's a very odd time to join - a few days before Christmas - but the weight is piling on and needs to stop!
My other half lost 3 stone last year just healthy eating etc. He's put about a stone back on and announced this morning that he's cutting down again as of this morning. I said it's an odd time to announce that. He said, damage limitation over Christmas and then crack down in January.

Good luck. :D
yeah for ages they have been doing half price joining fee so it was just £5 to join then the £4.50 weekly fee but it seems there is now a different offer but works out only 50p more
they have had the half price joining fee offer on for a while but will probably stop after xmas. apparently womans own has a £5 voucher in some time?
Thank you! I joined tonight for £10 this week and my friend got a free week for bringing me along. Not bad. I got all the bumpf and am very excited about all the free food! Just had chicken, pasta, pesto and broccoli. Chicken as a healthy extra and pesto sauce as 4 syns. I can't really start properly tomorrow but I made extra for lunch tomorrow. There were lots of lovely people at the meeting who have lost lots of weight. Everyone seemed to talk very healthily about food - guilt! My first weigh in will be in two weeks time....
First day is fun - I never say tha about diets! I like the idea that I can always have some free food! Making myself some potato wedges for my tea...and have mango for later.

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