How often do you get weighed?

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  1. la_tinkerbelle

    la_tinkerbelle Full Member

    Hi all!

    I was just wondering how often your CDC weighs you?

    I see mine every two weeks, I have asked if we could do weekly - I tend to need the motivation, plus helps me stay on track, can see if not done as good and then tighten my belt etc, two weeks to me on this diet is along time without needing that reassurance that the weights coming off... does that make sense?

    Anyhow, she only does fortnightly weigh ins, is this normal, or would another counsellor do things differently maybe? She's a lovely lady, but we've done no measurements, and she doesn't seem to know too much about the diet itself- I've learnt heaps more by being a member of this site...

    And (last question) - and not meaning to offend anyone at all - but how do you get to be a CDC? Shouldn't you have had to lose weight doing the diet and maintain it etc in order to help clients and give the best chance to them? I mean, my CDC has said she's done the diet but then she says she has put all the weight back on, is she still ok to be a counsellor? She keeps saying she will go back on it, and twice I've seen her she says she will 'get around' to re-starting... I just wondered if you had to have lost and maintained your weight for a while to show you can be an inspiration to others before becoming a CDC?

    I know all the counsellors on here seem to be an inspiration, yet I lost 8lbs my first weigh in - had a few off days so I was really chuffed with that, yet she gave me a 'nevermind' and told me I could do better...

    Just feeling like I'm doing this diet all alone and it would be nice if some support could come from the CDC? I know when I've done Rosemary Conleys before we had a fantastic instructor at the weekly classes and her motivating you for that brief time once a week could really keep you on the straight and narrow...

    Hope its ok to ask!

    tinks x
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  3. carolyn01

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    My counsellor was a big vague too. She didnt do measurements, said 'as youve done LLife before, you know what your're doing' and explained a bit about CD, said to phone if any questions.

    Very casual, I had to ask about fibre replacement and sunshine drink (flavouring for water).

    Can you change counsellor easily?
  4. la_tinkerbelle

    la_tinkerbelle Full Member

    not sure really, I found here through the CD website, she was the local one and so I emailed her, she is a nice person, she just strikes me as being into it as something to do whilst the kids are at school, if you know what I mean, whereas I want someone who believes in the weight loss and encourages us fatties to slim down... like I said the RC instructor I had used to say 'wow you look great' big well dones etc etc all over the top a bit but kept me going and made me believe I could carry on doing it (I lost 3 stone in 3 months on RC but the new instructor sucks lol)...

    I know it does sound selfish wanting her to be 'more' but y'know I kinda feel I do this alone at home anyways, my family aren't supportive (mum, dad etc always wanting to feed me and make sure I'm eating), and that's ok I can do this for me... just would be nice having the one person who is 'behind/selling' this diet to be as excited as I am over it...

    Does that make sense or am I truly selfish?! lol
  5. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Like you say all CDC's work differently. I personnally like to weigh my clients every week and I know that they like the disapline of having to come to me. 8lbs in your first week is an excellent weight loss well done.

    Try having a chat with your CDC and explain to her that you would like to be weighed weekly at least until you are well into the diet, I think the first few weeks are important.

    If you are thinking of becoming a CDC then your BMI has to be below 28 and your own CDC will have to sponser you. Again it is something you can talk over with her.

    Good luck with you weigh loss journey and again well done on losing the 8 lbs this week.
  6. la_tinkerbelle

    la_tinkerbelle Full Member


    I'm not looking to be a CDC, maybe way down the line, but right now just focusing on me, got a lot to shift! I just meant, the lady is bigger than me weight-wise, and I know I shouldn't judge but I just wondered if she may have got down to a smaller size and become a CDC but I was just a bit confused as to how a larger lady could be a spokesperson for this diet? And like I say, don't mean to offend anyone, maybe it's just me, I like the aerobics instructors, slimming class co-ordinators etc to be thin and toned and give me something to aspire to, just thought you'd have to be 'thin-ish'/healthy weight to be a CDC?
  7. Caress

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    My cdc is my sister, I see her every week, get weighed and get my packs for the week. We only just started measuring, cos to be honest, the tape wouldn't have gotten around my bosom or belly till the last couple of weeks. If I didn't have a regular appointment with her every week, I'd still see her just as often though LOL I do know that she sees her clients on a weekly basis and weighs them every time. I think it's the best way for motivation, to see the scales moving week by week.
  8. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    My CDC comes to me every week for weigh-ins etc. He's a lovely chap who has huge success with the diet & currently maintaining. He's also a full-time CDC who gave up his regular job to do this.

    I'm really :eek: at your CDC's lack of enthusiasm for your 8lb loss. That isnt what you'd expect and should certainly be encouraged & praised -well done to you!

    I totally understand about needing the motivation of seeing your losses on a weekly basis (some days i need to see mine daily lol) - a fortnight is a long time on this diet. Hope your CDC can accomodate x
  9. xKimmiex

    xKimmiex Silver Member

    my cdc is kinder the same hun, she doesnt really know much about the diet, and never has what you want in lol. Find yourself a new one! even if it means travelling abit further, you will need the support and a great cdc to help
  10. jelly-belly

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    I'd have to agree with the others. Its really important to have the support of your cdc.

    Mine are a married couple in dublin and they are both lovely... when I was sick i didn't loose any weight at all because I had to eat regular meals (at my cdcs advice) and they were still really supportive. text me during the week to see how I was feeling and everything.

    If I were you I would check and see if there is another cdc near you that you can visit.

    Well done on the 8lbs weight loss.

    If your cdc doesnt work out dont forget you can get all the best support in the world on Minimins!!! :D
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