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How often do you weigh yourself?

Daily? Weekly? SW WI only?

I have to break the habit of weighing every morning (and other times of the day too!). I know I can gain 3lb morning to evening and that doesn't really bother me. I know my scales and the SW scales both say different weights and that doesn't bother me as it's the weekly loss that's important.

But I think I'm up 2lb from yesterday and feel totally bummed about it. In the past, something like that would have triggered me to eat all day and say 'to hell with it'.

I don't WI to Thursday so I can only but try to stay 100% until then. Please someone somewhere send me some willpower x
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I stopped weighing at home, so SW WI is my only weigh in. It just jumped all over the place, so wasn't accurate, and definitely put me on a downer.
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Hi Belfastbabybear,

I weigh myself every morning and most nights before bed and like you i gain 3lb between, I really wish i could stop weighing but ive done it for soo long now its like a habit!! I even weigh myself when im not on a diet lol

I started sw on Wed and have only lost 2lb since then although i have been sticking to it 100%

I know loads of people say dont weigh incase you've done well but gained as it might make you go off track but it doesnt for me it makes me try even harder

Sending you loads of willpower, You can do this!!!

Goodluck for your wi on Thursday x

I only weigh myself the day I see my trainer..I try and remember to remove the batteries from the scales and get my son to hide them somewhere.

Inch loss can be just as important as the way the scales alter and at the end of the day if you know that you are being 100% on the money with your eating plan then if you have a gain, but you are loosing the inches surely its all good.

So start measuring as well to give you that added boost. AND HIDE THE SCALES - or get rid of them completely.

Good luck for WI
Hiding the batteries!! What a fantastic idea Happytigger!! Thanks for that :D x

And yes i do feel as if im losing inches so i will deffo start measuring x
I agree that weighing yourself at home can be a real downer. I started SW last monday and weighed myself yesterday and it showed an STS. I was really gutted as I've stuck to the plan 100%. My official WI is tomorrow and wish I hadn't bothered getting on my own scales. To be honest it's not worth the aggro...

Note to self: Do NOT weigh at home!



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definitely not worth the aggro!!

ive just done it now and reallly wish i hadnt! dont weigh in officially til tuesday, but ive only got a lb to lose this week for my 1stone sticker and my scales showed a STS :mad::mad:


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My scales at home are more than 1/2 stone out, weighing me less than what i am so i dont weigh myself as a rule until SWWI
I do sometime jump on for a bit of motivation as although they are out they do show losses and gains...

Should really bin them and stick 100% with WI.
I weigh myself far too often (even after a midnight trip to the loo!):eek::eek::eek: but it's something that works for me - if I've lost weight then I feel positive for the whole day and find it easy to stick to my eating plan and if I've put on weight then I feel determined - and stick to my eating plan!

If weighing yourself causes problems or makes you feel miserable then the best thing is once a week only. On the other hand, if everytime you step on the scales it reinforces your willpower, then go for it! We're all different in our own way!
Thanks for the replies. Some good advice. I was going to dump them but maybe I can turn my habit into an advantage like blissfulbabe mentioned and use the results to reinforce my willpower (god knows I can do with more of that).
Someplace long ago I read ' scales belong on a fish ', sometimes it seems so true.
I have a major love hate relationship with the scale. I want it to validate on a daily basis the 'proof' of my sticking to plan and the hours of weekly cardio I put in, but alas, it does not do that. It is a hard, cold piece of steel, that does not care what you want, what you need, or at times even how hard you are working it at. It does what it does. sigh .................


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I weigh myself on monday morning just to have an slight insight on what i might weigh @ my SW weigh in on tuesday morning! ( my scales @ home are +2lb difference to the SW scales)
Atleast i know whatever i weigh on monday morning can't be changed much for tuesday mornings weigh in, so i can't really beat myself about it! ;)


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I weigh myself pretty much every time I go to the loo upstairs cause that is where the scales are - I really should n't and what happened to me all week last week should serve as a lesson to all of us scale addicts - I had a crap week cause I thought the scales were showing a huge gain, at one point a stone but when I weighed at group we realised I'd only looked at the pounds and not the stones and I'd had a huge loss cause the stones had gone down one!! I don't think I'd have had such a crappy week if I'd have not been on my scales so so much!!
I weigh myself at the local Boots every week or every other week. Luckily we don't have scales at home or I would have to try really, really hard not to jump on them every time I went to the bathroom :eek:
I think not knowing how I'm doing really helps to motivate me-makes me work harder so I DO get a good reading once a week :)
My scales are so sensitive and my bathroom floor is a bit tipsy, so I find I move the scales around the bathroom 3 or 4 times until I find the spot I'm happiest with i.e lowest weight. Its stupid really, as its not representative of my weigh in weight at all, but I need to know how I'm doing on a daily basis.
I only weight myself at the weekly SW weight in now. I feel SO much calmer and not as stressed out as I used to when I weight all the time! :)

Lots of love from Caramelle X X X
I like to jump on the scales every morning and my preferred time is between 7.30 and 8am, im not sure why i do it at that time but it works for me.
Unfortunately i cant just weigh myself the once i give it a best of three so im like a yo-yo, on off on off on off until i like the result which can be awful if the first one says a loss and the other two say a gain but i normally take the third result as the main one, hee hee.


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