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How often is everybody weighed!!

Your Dr is correct, in that you see your Dr monthly, to get weighed and to see how you're getting on with the tablets and to hopefully give you another prescription for another 4 weeks of tabs :)
As far as I know it's because they can only prescribe 4 weeks worth at a time :) You could of course, maybe see your nurse at the surgery for a weekly weigh in, from a support point of view I think that would be a good idea :)
I see the nurse every fortnight to get weighed, but that's just my preference. She sorts out my prescription with the doctor every month, assuming that they're both still happy with my progress.
Most people see their doctor or nurse monthly as a minumum (although I know a few people who go every two months), but extra support is usually there is you ask for it.
Personally I need the routine of being weighed regularly otherwise I drift along without focus....but that's just me! :)
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I could ask the nurse to weigh me as often as suited me. As it happens my doctor gives me 2 months supply at a time so I get weighed there every 2 months and then get my new prescription. Depends on your practice I suppose.

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I was once a month until Jan when he said I could make it every 2 months :)
i get weighed once a month at doctors when i collect my prescription as only allowed a months supply at a time,

but i also get weighed and measured every week at the gym now, which is great for me because it keeps me focused and is working wonders
I only started myself today, but ive been told to pop and see the nurse monthly, it gives you a good incentive to keep trying to lose the weight when you know you have to get weighed!
i go to boots & get the printout weigh slip from there machine every week for my own records but i always get weighed monthly. :)
I always got weighed monthly but would go weekly to Boots and jump on the scales at home daily - I was an obsessive weigher :p

My GP doesn't weigh me at all....even though I'm in there at least once a month for bloodtests etc.

But my dietician at the hospital weighs me every 2 months.

And I weigh myself once a week :D

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