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How Old Do You Feel?


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I am 39 but feel 109! I am fat i feel old and haggard my boobs and belly are flaps of saggy skin, nothing else. I can't and never will be able to afford a tummy tuck or breast lift so nothing will ever change in that respect! The skin on my face is grey (well that's the only way i can describe it) I have huge horrible dark circles under my eyes. I feel old! I am old! I have just completed my first week restarting CD but really just want to eat and sadly i know i will :( There are young 39 year olds and there are old 39 year olds, i am an old 39 year old and god do i feel it!! All my motivation determination and confidence have completely gone. And to top it off i have just eaten crisps whilst writing this?!? I am so bloody weak! I need a huge kick up the backside or a life changing moment, something to make me sit up and take my lfe in hand. I am a pessimist and the type of person who will say........i will do that tomorrow. I feel that i havn't got any life left in me . I see others the same age as me and think they have practically got their full life ahead of them but don't feel the same about my own life! I still can't work that one out :confused: I want to feel good again but dont think i ever will!:rolleyes:

Just wondered how old/young other people felt?

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Oh Petal .... I read this with so much sadness. ((HUGS))

I'm 46 and can honestly say I don't feel old at all. I'm not sure about how i look, I certainly have the saggy stomach - but with 3 kids I look on that as my medal for motherhood.

Would you like to change?? Could you write a list of the things you would like to do/change in your life?? What about hobbies/clubs/interests???

Not sure what else to suggest - but felt so sad for you.


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Hello Petal
I'm 40 , really 21 of course lol
I think it won't help to pick fault in yourself being on this diet , i know it makes you low at times but think ok , i can dye my hair have some cheap pampering at my college , you've got to love yourself before others can love you . now no more conparing to others , you are you , hey come on try give cd another hit ok ? never mind the crisps


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90 at the moment after work!!!! True age is 40 and by tommorow morning I'm sure I will feel 21 again and completely in denial about growing older....lol

In fact, I am now counting backwards so next birthday I will be 39!!!! ;):cool:

P.S. Also in total denial that my eldest Son is 21 years old today :eek:

Lacey...xxx :D


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Age really is a state of mind - if you don't mind you won't get in a state! I'm the big 50 this year, am a stone heavier than you and have all the saggy attributes you mention.
Am I old? No! Do I feel old? No!
I wear good make up, I make an effort with my hair, I dress as well as my rather short and chunky figure will allow and I am happy in my life. Yes, I would dearly love to be thinner and I'm working on that, but I have a lot of life to live ( I hope) and I want every bit of it. I think of now as 'my' time, still got 3 kids at home and pressures with elderly parents etc.. but I am grateful for what I've got and I fully intend to enjoy myself as much as poss. You only get one life - it's for living!

Hoping that you can be cheered up and face tomorrow feeling a bit brighter.



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