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How One Evening Out Can gain you 4lbs boohoohoo

well i have been sooo good apart from saturday night i was very kindly taken out by my boyf 2 the indian, now we never ever usally have babysitters so i was just glad 2 get out, i got there and that was it i was drinking lager eatin whatever i wanted even though i hadnt had any sins that day i knew what i was doing was gunna cost me but 4lbs gain omg never again :cry::(
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Ow! That's harsh! Hopefully you'll drop it pretty quickly though as easy come easy go. Good luck for your next WI!
In short- it can't!
In order to gain 4lbs of FAT you would have had to eaten several horses- you have gained bloat. If you are on-plan this week expect it all to go.

I know this is no consolation today, but I promise it will drop off just as quickly if you are now back on track- DO NOT let this stop you achieving your goal

Thanks so much i have been so proud of myself then i go and do a stupid thing like that.
i use fry light alot is that bad?? i never count it as a syn should i be??


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Don't let this one night out get you down - like I say to everyone on here, we all need our nights where we don't think about Slimming World - it's only natural. You had a good night and made the most of it! And as other's have said, easy come, easy go!

Stick to plan 100% and I'm sure you'll see a good loss next week! xxx
Thanks so much i have been so proud of myself then i go and do a stupid thing like that.
i use fry light alot is that bad?? i never count it as a syn should i be??
Fry Light is free, you can use it in your cooking freely. As long as you're not pouring it over everything you'll be fine.

The weight you've 'gained' from one meal will definitely drop off a week on plan, don't worry about it!


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Hi Elliemaxmia

I have to agree with Cocktailprincess you cant gain that much for a blow out on 1 night! It is more than likely to be water and bloating. Dont get discouraged you've done well, just keep your mind focused and try not to think about it any more..... its in the past.... its gone you cant change it but the future is in your hands and you can make next week really good!

I think I'm prob preaching to myself a bit as I only lost 1lb cos I was trying to keep Green & Black's in buisness!!

But really, try to forget about it and think positive for next week cos if your like me when I feel miserable about my lack of weight loss I eat which far from helpful!! xx
Awwww honey - could it maybe be down to *week or anything else?? Like the others have said, I am sure it will come off easily. Eat plenty of speed foods & drink lots this week :)

Tip for you - next time you do go out, check out the eating out section for the low syn meals. When we go for an Indian, I now have a green day & have a vegatable dansak & boiled rice. Each time I have done, I have still managed to loose on WI so mustn't be to bad!!
How do you know you've gained 4lb, have you had your official WI?

If you don't feel bloated, take a look back at what you've eaten since last WI & try to remember if you've added all your syns, weight where nec.

But most of all don't let it get you down, it's done now & you can't change that.

Drink plenty of water & have superspeed foods.;)

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