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How right does your SW class need to be??

I was doing so well upto Sept 09 having lost 5 1/2 stone the previous 12 months. I was loving my class, the food, the body magic........everything.
In Oct 09 i took a new job and needed to shift classes. I did, and then it all went wrong..

I joined a new meeting and just HATED it. The consultant was the most uninformed SW advocate ever.. I dont like to say it, but i think i knew more about the structure than she did (and she had apparantly been doing it for almost 9 years)! She literally had her aides finding out info at the nod of her head because she literally didnt know the answers.
I found her so uninspiring that after persevering for 4 weeks, the 19th Nov was my final SW class.
I was unable to find another suitable time/venue. I even tried to persuade my previous consultant to change her class times so i could make it after work!!!! (sadly, the answer was No)

I have since tried to do it alone. AND FAILED BIG TIME. Which brings me to my question.....
Do we really need the Image Therapy and our 'classmates' in order to succeed?:confused:

It has now been 7 months and i am 2 1/2 stone heavier. I am appalled and angry with myself for letting the 2 'b' choices turn into 4 'b' choices a day, having the extra latte, the extra slice of bread, f/f creme fraiche instaed of h/f. having both fingers of kitkat and so on and so on.........
I tried to keep track by getting on the scales once a week and using SW online for support but nothing seemed to be able to stop me from throwing things into my shopping basket that my purse hadn't paid for in over a year.:cry:
1 bad day led to 1 bad week, and now im 30 weeks later with only myself to blame.

Yes, i want to lose weight and generally maintain my health for as long as possible, but when we dont have the class to rely on once a week, what keeps us in check?

Is attending class really that essential,
or can the desire to lose weight be all the motivation one needs to shed the wobble?

I know many many members have succeeded without regular SW groups.
How do they do it?

I need the Image Therapy for sure!

(i have now found a new group which i attended this week, so i hope i prove myself right about needing it, and that i am not just a hopeless greedy pig who loves her food too much and cant ever say no!!!!!!)
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Hi Seren,

You are not alone and don't feel so bad about it. I too have the deepest tendency for pigginess (otherwise I wouldnt be here). I also have wondered about the importance of the group in loosing weight (otherwise I wouldnt be here!).

It is a really interesting question as I had always assumed it was the weigh-in that kept me in check but wonder whether it is more about not wanting to let your leader down. If you have a good relationship with someone, you dont want them to feel bad so you make the effort.

I had a similar thing with weddings - I worked really hard to look fantastic for my sister's wedding but half a year later had allowed 2 stone back on for my own!

We are so happy to let ourselves down but cant do it to others. Maybe this is the reason things fell apart for you at the new class? You felt no need to do anything for the new leader and let go of it?

PHEW! I think I might have had a revelation!

Find someone to do it for - if you can try and do it for yourself all the better!

I have left SW and reverted back to atkins/low carb but am off to find a muse!
Interesting I was just asking myself the same questions last night at WI.

I lost over 2 ½ stone with SW years ago. My consultant was really great. I know I was losing the weight for myself, but I believe she was genuinely happy that I lost each week. I felt like I was personally letting her down if I wasn’t sticking to plan at least 95%. She moved out of area. I then found out I was pregnant and left.

I have since gone back (after 2 children) and have not really felt committed. I don’t stay for Image therapy. I just go and get weighed. Silly really I could do it for fee in my bathroom upstairs!!! But I think I need to feel the shame (may be too strong a word!?) for someone else telling me I have put on weight. I image therapy tedious. The same giggly people telling the group what take aways they have had or how many bottles of wine they have consumed. By the end of the day I am tired and hungry and just want to go home!

I get loads of support and ideas on here. Maybe I do need to rethink things!!
I don't really know why i left my first SW group. But not going meant all the weight slowly got put back on. I think the weekly weigh in and effort of going to the class is enough of a motivation to do well and suceed, because its nice to know you've done well each week and feel proud of yourself.

I tried dieting at home on my own but they never stick. I've now rejoined a group and go right on track with the SW diet and loving it! Id not be able to do it without the classes i don't think.

Best of luck :)

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