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How to come off exante????

Hi All,
I've been thinking about Exante for a few weeks now and I think I've decided that I'm going to give it a shot (have a wedding to lose minimum 4st by October).
Although I don't doubt that it will work, I'm worried about putting all the weight back on when I come off it. Am I right in thinking that as long as I followa low calorie diet when I'm done on Exante I will be ok or is that wrong? Do I need to work out what my calorific requirement is and stick to that???? Any help would be most appreciated, this is what I'mbasing mydecision on as I don't see the point in losing the weight only to put it back on again in a few months,....surely thats more unhealthy than staying fat! lol
Thanks folks! :D
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LOL sorry! Ijust want to crack on with it! lol

So you think as long as I re-introduce over a couple of weeks I should be pretty safe and possibly just gain a few pounds initially? OK, I'm going to do it! Aaarrghhhh!!!!! Will I definitely be able to lose what I need to by October? Also, is the total solution the best one to do?? xx
I know! But I know what I'm like and I'll be panicking that I'll put loadsof weight on again before my wedding! lol At least if I know in my head my whole plan I can get cracking with confidence. Your loss has been brilliant, are you concerned about coming off it when you get to goal?I'm so sorry for all the questions but doing this will be such a massive thing for me and I'm really scared.:)


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I'm sure you will be fine Hun, I have the same questions as you but as long as we stick to a normal diet and add food back in slowly I can't see how we can put all the weight back on! If you go back to the way you were eating when you were putting all the weight on then yes you will slowly put it on again, it's just common sense. Lol come on go for it you can do it :)
Ahhh thanks emilyj! Thats what I thought. "If I get myself down to a healthy weight and then I eat healthily, why would I put it all back on?" doesn't make sense does it?! OK I'm going to order it! eeeeeeeeek!!!! Need to change my ticker too as I actually have more to lose than on there and will be able to do it with exante! When did you start? How have you found it so far?
I have just done my firs week and it has been fine not as bad as I thought and I hve felt fine as long as I drink 3 ltr a day, I did have a bit of a funny tummy on day 3and 4 but alot of people do :p. I have been around food all week as I am married with two small kid and I have stuck to the plan 100% and lost 9 1/2 pounds!! I just like the fact that you dont have to think about f**d anymore you just have 3 packs and thats it. You can do this diet and you will looose weight so I say go for it and we will all be here to help.:)
Wow! Well done! 9lbs is fantastic. I ordered it last night so hopefully it will be here Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm going to start it straight away. Now I've made the decision I'm really excited now andjust want to get cracking. I'ma size 20 at the momentand would LOVE to be a size 12/14 by October for my wedding and honeymoon and with this, it'sgoing to be possible I hope! x
Hi Bouncy, i'm Lipotrim atm but next week moving over to Exante. 4 stone is achievable by October yes, so go for it!!! :) Lipotrim refeed says to have 2 shakes plus low carb meal in the evening, pop on over for some meal ideas, good luck xx


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Once you lose enough weight you can just start introducing food slowly... Say yoghurt and fruit for brekkie, salad for lunch then chicken and veg for tea. After coming off Cambridge they move you up to 1000 cals then 1200 then 1400 - one week at a time. You also introduce carbs slowly so as you fill up your glycogen stores and cos you are still eating low cal you still lose a bit more - that way you don't get a big jump in weight.

Once I reach my goal weight I will most definitely follow a diet. A diet is just a way of eating. I will count calories and log my food but just at a maintenance level. If I was great at eating a normal diet I wouldn't be here in the first place! I need the accountability.
Thank you both :)
I am waiting for my exante packs to come through now and am SO looking forward to doing it! I just hope I will reach my 4st target by October :/ Realistically, if I stick to it 100%, how much can I expect to lose by then? Do any of you know??
Coley144 - That's what I thought, as long as I don't overeat when I come off and stay strict at a maintenance level, I should be OK and not put any on hopefully! Although a yoghurt and fruit sounds small for brekkie, I can imagine after not eating proper food for 5 months I'll be stuffed off that!!!
Thanks again, really made me feel loads better about it!
:) xx
They usually say (depending on weight) you can lose up to 2 stone in the 1st month which I did and around 1 stone per month afterwards. Good luck x
I can't wait to get started now. I'm thinking about wearing a bikini on my honeymoon now rather than a swimdress (to cover the flab) and I'm SO excited!!!! I think I'll be on here a fair bit for the first few days as I have a feeling I'm going to need the support! Best place to come though huh :)
My packs came today and I was looking forward to starting tomorrow but forgot I'm out at a meal tomorrow evening so will start on Friday. I can't wait!!!!!! :D

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