How to figure out Minimum Calories?

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    I will pay someone to tell me how many calories I should eat. What kind of person should I go hire? A nutritionist? A physical trainer? A different doctor? (I don't like my dr.s answer)

    I think I have problems starving myself sometimes.

    I'll eat approx 160 calories for breakfast, 250 calories for lunch, and 140 calories for dinner, which is only 550 calories. I'll then run a few miles and lift weights, which according to my calorie computer equals 0 calories for the day.

    This often leads me to gain weight (probably due to "starvation")

    I've seen calculators online which tell me to eat 3600 calories... but if I eat that much I gain weight.

    But then when I eat super low, and then go out on the weekend (eat bad + 2000 calories worth of beer) I then appear to lose weight.

    I just can't get a grasp on it. Theres got to be a way to atleast get a decent guestimate? I want to maximize weight loss.
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    Have tried my fitness pal.we all use that on here.i eat 1200 a day.good luck
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    you shouldn't eat any less than 1200, this puts your body in starvation mode. I aim anything from 1200-1500 so my body doesnt get used to it.
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    Whilst you won't really gain weight in starvation mode (if we did, anorexics would be fat), it's extremely unhealthy and yes, you may hold onto weight randomly. The reason you are losing weight after eating nothing and then eating excess at the weekend is probably because your calories are averaging out at somewhere you should be at.

    Go onto my fitness pal and it will give you a decent estimate of your net calorie intake. You shouldn't gain weight on this intake, especially if you're exercising because your metabolism will probably be fine. You are a) male b) exceptionally tall c) have a high BMI which means your recommended intake *will* be high, and whilst you may gain weight over the next few weeks whilst your body adjusts to its proper level of nutrition you will eventually start to lose. You just need to be patient - we didn't get overweight overnight, and we can't expect quick fixes whilst being healthy.

    I'm starting a nutrition course soon, but can't currently give you definitive answers, but I would advise you to take the advice given to you by your doctor if it's in line with MFP website, otherwise seek a second opinion or the help of a nutritionist. Not all personal trainers have a nutrition element within their course (at least in the UK) so I'd advise against asking a PT.

    Best of luck!
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