How to get through the first few days, SS


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I am 23, And I weight 135kg, I think I am killing myself with food, My GP suggested the Cambridge Diet to me, And I had 3 attempts at it with no success, I just start feeling really depressed, I don't know how to get through the first week, Please help me, Am I just a loser or something, It is a hard diet,But there must be a way for me to succeed.

Although I have to point out that I had so many rejections, In every way (Relationships, Work, Friends, etc) Also I have lost some weight about 3 years ago and got to a healthy weight, Was very happy, But then started to gain the weight again when I discovered my ex was cheating on me, It's complicated, But I am hoping for someone to read this and go 'Oh, I know exactly what this girl should do', Please, Be that person:cry:
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But I am hoping for someone to read this and go 'Oh, I know exactly what this girl should do', Please, Be that person:cry:

Welcome to Minimins you will find so much support on here x

I am so sorry but the only person who can do that is you xx You know you're unhappy with your weight, you know that you can do it because you've done it before, it's just that massive step between knowing and doing :hug99:

On a more practical note if you've not already started SS-ing then go low-carb for a few days, that way you get all the side effects out of the way so that you won't have to cope with the whole headache/no energy/starving hungry thing all at once. That's what I did and I am now in my 11th week no cheating which is tremendous for me given my personal track record.

Also have you thought about doing SS+ so that you can have a small meal each day? Losses are around 12lb per month as opposed to 14lb but if it means you stick to it and lose 24lb in two months rather than 14lb in one month and then give up then it will be more beneficial in the long run.

Hope this helps and good luck xx
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Welcome Zara xx


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Hiys Zara :wavey:
Welcome to mini's, only you can decide which diet to do as you are going to be the one doing it at the end of the day!! ;)
Good luck with whatever you decide :hug99:
Xxx Lizzie xxX


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Hi and welcome. I tried CD and although I did lose weight it wasn't the diet for me. But there are many on here who have lost all of their excess weight with CD.

Make mini targets and try and concentrate on one day at a time.

Irene xx


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Hi the first few days are the hardest part of a vlcd ,keep water close at hand at all times it helps with any hunger pangs .The other thing is to keep busy ,play games in the arcade find peeps on here to chat to on msn .Have early night or warm bath .Take up a new hobby anything to keep you going you should find after 3/4 days it all seems easier .It is a hard few days but so worth it you will find loads of peeps on here who have lost there weight this way look in the slide show for insperation some great before and after pics in there xx


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welcome zara and congratulations for making the first move to admitting your problem. I am currently on lipotrim as I would like to lose weight fast for my upcoming nupitals however vlcd's are not for everyone but I know of a few amazing people inlcuding my mate who have lost on cd and look and feel great. At the end of the day ya can only decide on what type of plan to go on and carefully think about it as ya will defintely need to be focused. I know exactly how ya are feeling and during most of my life I have bullied due to size, men cheating on me with prettier and slimer women. Even though I am getting married next year I still feel ugly due to my size but only I can change that and not anyone else as this is due to not having no confidence and feeling low within myself. To make a difference ya have to see the difference yourself to believe it and ya can do it. My advice to anyone is to take each day as it comes and make short mini goals to help ya along the way. Mine is to lose a stone a month if I can, if I get more than that then I am delighted but if I get less then I learn from my mistakes and do better next month. The amazing thing about this forum nobody judges ya on your size or looks as most of us are all in the same boat and most of us all have some reasons of why we gained the weight in the first place. I wish ya all the best in your journey and if ya ever need a shoulder to cry on or a friendly chat, I am always here, take care