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How to keep your mind off food...


A little of everything!
Just for fun!

* Drink a cold glass of water

* Have a bath/shower/ facemask

* Give yourself a manicure/pedicure

* Do a housework blitz- or have small jobs that you keep putting off ready for when you feel a craving coming on to keep you busy until they pass

* go for a walk

* De-clutter your wardrobe in readiness for all your new clothes!

* Make up a chart on your PC showing your weight loss to date to keep you motivated.

Anything else...?:D
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Any tips welcome today I just nearly cracked when my daughter was eating a kit kat. I was going to make cakes today but that ain't happening - I can't be trusted with a bowl of batter!

You forgot one vital tip for keeping focused - visit this message board! It's the first thing I thought to do when I was struggling and already I'm calming down

deep breaths....that's a little better

Thanks everyone!


A little of everything!
LOL! I forgot that! I haven't even started LT yet & I'm addicted! It's so supportive & active- much more so than other forums on here!
dont watch tv as when on tfr i swear everything on the old box is about food lol


A little of everything!
LOL! I guess my house is going to be VERY tidy over the next few weeks then.... ;P
You betcha ! My home is the tidyest its ever been! After I've cooked for my partner, I wash-up, wipe up and put away before he's finished his meal....I cant bear to sit with him while he eats my lovely home-cooked food.....torture! I cant believe how much time I must have spent stuffing my face!!!!
I have decorated 2 bedrooms and a sitting room since being on lipotrim, not a speck of dust in my house - I too must have spent half my day eating prior to lipotrim.
Hi I drag my poor dog for additional walks i'm sure his legs are getting shorter lol!!!!!!!!!


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how funny are we?!...i'm a clear and wash up freak at the mo going to have to invest in some marigolds!! x

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