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how to make perfect poached egg?

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Hey, not sure if it's in right place either but I put vinegar in a pan with boiled water and then bring the water to a rolling boil before putting the eggs in, depends how you like your egg really but it doesn't take more than a couple of mins!!!

Hope that helps :)
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Someone gave me this tip a few weeks ago. Put some cling film inside a cup, leaving loads over the edges, crack your egg into it, tie up the edges so its like its in a little bag, then pop it into boiling water leaving the top tie bit outside the water, then boil for a few minutes. I haved tried this a few times and it really does work, they came out with perfect yolks too.
OK, what I do is crack an egg into a frylighted piece of clingfilm, then twist up the ends to make a little parcel. Place it in boiling water for 3 minutes and voila - perfecy poached eggs!
Argh don't have any cling film for tom breakfast but will definately be buying some. Will try the vinegar idea tom thanks so much everyone
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The best ever and most foolproof way is by using 'poach pods' which you can get from
Lakeland and now supermarkets. They are silicone 'pods' which you spray 1 x spray of fry light into, crack the egg into it then 'float' them in a sauté pan with the LID ON- very important!

Within a few minutes you have perfectly poached eggs which are successful every time. Me and my family / friends are all using them. They are FANTASTIC.

:) xxx
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A very simple way I found recently saw it mentioned on a website may have been this one

Boil a kettle, put water in the wok and ensure pan hot and bubbling,drop egg straight in
Take out about 2/3 minutes later - in a wok due to the shape it just sits on the bottom in the correct shape and solidifies perfectly
I have tried allsorts over the years with vinegar, spinning the water round in a pan, a special pan - this is so simple and beats them all


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I use those "lakeland" poached egg silicone holders for microwave use, you do a couple of dummy runs to judge the right amount of time for your wattage of microwave , after that it's so easy! See the pics below......

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yep, have to vouch for the clingfilm method. to ring the changes after spraying with frylight put a tiny pinch of black pepper and or fresh herbs on the clingfilm before dropping the eggs in. Did this last night for my tea, 3 eggs served on microwaved spinach with 1tbsp piccalilly for an extra kick
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what you could do, is bake them rather than poach them, frylight a muffin or cake tin using 1 well for each egg crack on in, bake for 10 mins (I used to dry my hair while this was baking) then run a knife round edges and pop them out.

you could even use silcone bun moulds and pop in the micro.


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I either use the swirling water method or poachettes from Lakeland....Perfect poached eggs either way :)
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I use silicone egg poachers too. I got mine from the Steamer Trading Company, somewhere about £3-6 for 2. Perfect eggs everytime, but as said before, put the lid on.


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I saw this on the internet. You need a small microwavable container with a lid.

Put a drop water in the bottom of the container.

Crack your egg into the container and put in microwave with lid slightly off to let the steam escape.

Microwave for 1 minute.


You would have to experiment for the wattage of your microwave but it really works for me. :p x