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Extra Easy How to manage night shift?


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Looking for some advice here.

Going to go and do the start of a week of night shift.

Been up since 9 this morning but going to try going back to sleep for a bit before shift, but being up all day obvioulsy means I've eaten most if not all of my meals.

I'm keeping my HEB for later first break, but was wondering what to do for the other 12 hours?

Like, if I'm starting at 19:30 and I've already eaten all my meals for 11/10/2010, would it be better to have my HEB at say 21:00 and then start my new food intake for 12/10/2010 from 9:30pm?

But then I'll be eating 2 days worth of food in one day really, but then I'll be asleep from 8:30 am on 12/10/2010 until 17:00?

Or should I just eat all my food for 11/10/2010 and just eat more free and superfree snacky things to keep going through the night?

Argh! Help meh!
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I know Funcurls does shifts - have a read of her diary, she posts what she eats and the times she eats it. A good read!

I'm sure a shiftworker will be along to answer soon - hope it goes okay for you hun. x
I work 2 night shifts a week, I find it a struggle to stick to plan.
I eat just free food on the day of my 1st night shift. Then start from midnight to midnight, I find it easier to do green as if you get hungry you can have things like mugshots to fill you up and I need both healthy B's. At 3am I find it so hard to resist biscuits so take plenty of fruit especially a banana to keep sugar level up.

On a good night I'll eat
midnight pasta salad, shape yogurt, quavers(for some strange reason I have to have them on a night shift, don't bother when I'm on days)

4am laughing cow triangle & 2 ryvita or scan bran, fruit or mug shot

6am banana (it would be so easy to have toast)

Thats what I try and have but often find myself eating bisuits if they are on the desk.
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its my first night tonight and im just going for a normal day so today

Monday - e/e

6am brekkie - hifi and yoghurt
11am lunch - spag bol
5pm - mango chicken and rice
fruit for any hungry times

then at midnight my new day starts


3am cheese sandwhich, banana, crisp
8am hifi
5pm green tea

fruit and yoghurt to fill up and the day ends at midnight

Its prob wrong lol but its only my first week and i know if i start changing times for the day to start i will mess up. Not much hlp i know but good luck xx


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Im going back onto night with my new job in a few weeks and I will probably run my days from midnight to midnight x


S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
Thanks guys

went a bit skew wiff with the syns last night, had some wotsits, 2 bits of toast and about 6 wine gums.

However not panicking to much. as start later today and still have 2 meals worth to fit in


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To be honest, as long as in a 7 day period you have had 14 HEA's and 14 HEB's and between 35 and 105 syns i dont think it really matters what 'day' or 'time' it is. I and Hubby often have maybe 3 HE's on one day and then 5 the next. never affected our health or losses. all works out by WI day.


S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
well Nightshifts taken into consideration I still lost 6lbs this week.

I need to stay away from the buttered toast in the mornings. It's lethal
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That's great Lexiedog. I start nights tonight, and I also struggle. I am going to go prepared though and maybe make up a quiche or something easy to take with me. It is my weigh in in the morning, but think I will leave it until Monday, so it is consistent with my other weigh in's being as soon as I get up.


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The best thing I found about nightshift was ... don't worry about what actually constitutes as a day.

I have to do nightshift for 1 month in every 12, sometimes 2 months. I just start my day from the moment I get up and it ends when I go to bed, in that time I have 2 hea 2 heb and no more than 15 syns.

Try thinking of it that way :)

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