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How we got our user names.


The Me Is Back.........
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Ima curious soul and wondered if anyone was willing to share the reason behind there particular screen name.

Im Meneither which came about as a result of an Ex girlfriend who got me into Online MMORPGS (world of warcraft)

Her nickname was Wasnaeme (was not me)
as we used to play together i came up we Meneither
so it was a case of Wasnaeme and Meneither.

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nothing exciting .just MUST DO IT !!!!


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My mum called me Sonk.....or sonkie......and since she died I just like to hear it or see it.....brings back happy memories.....!


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I first came on-line in 1999, the year of the Eclipse which was supposedly going to be best seen in Cornwall! (Fog in August - would you believe). The 296 comes from when I was a little girl and my mum and dad used to ask me when I told them I loved them - "how much" and I would say 296 (cos I thought it was the biggest number in the world!) My hubby has a gold necklace with a chunky gold tag that says "I love you - 296"

Hence Eclipse296 - very boring really lol


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Many years ago I got a tattoo of a crescent moon and stars, purely because I liked the look of it.

I was struggling to find an ID for a site some time after that and everything I tried was taken. I was totally stuck for what to try next and I think I tried Moonbeam first which was also taken and moved onto Starlight.

Since Im not smart enough to remember a host of user IDs I use it on most things now

Boring story I know lol
me, well, I never thought I could do it!! How wrong was I!
I had a favourite song years ago (in the 70's!) by Buckwheat Stevenson. The lyrics were: 5 o'clock Texas Morning. I used to drive to Dallas early Monday mornings at 5:00 to be at work for 6:45. Because I had an old banger of a car, I also had a CB radio. (looks like we got us a convoy) Well, my handle was: Texasmorning. And like everyone else, I use it on all my log-ins. I can still remember the song, too.



Gone fishing
I assumed that I would need to carry on dieting forever after this diet. Hence the name
Like Vicky, I too got it wrong but too late now:rolleyes: Will always be KD on here.
Great thread, I'm glad you started this Meneither, cos I wasn't sure if you were me-neither or men-either :p so that's that solved.

I'm into Amateur Dramatics and years ago played a french character in a panto called MadamDotty and being more than a bit dotty myself - and occasionally a madam I suppose (she says with hands on hips :p) the nickname stuck.

I too use it on most sites, not that I've time for many others as I now live on Minimins :D


Carpe diem
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Because of my excess weight, I feel like a Russiandoll: the 'real me' is the dinky little one right in the middle and I have all the bigger ones outside - each one a stone heavier than the last. At my heaviest, I needed to lose 12 'dolls' to get to the middle ... I still have 5 to go.

Anyway - that's how I chose my name :)


Busy busy busy!!
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Flirty .... well obvious enough there 40 - cos i started with the knickname and email addy when i got to 40 and greeneyes - errr not sure where that came from!!!! Hope to keep it til the eve of my 50th birthday - then will be frumpy50redeyes!!!
Flirty .... well obvious enough there 40 - cos i started with the knickname and email addy when i got to 40 and greeneyes - errr not sure where that came from!!!! Hope to keep it til the eve of my 50th birthday - then will be frumpy50redeyes!!!


Hair today - gone tomorra
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Nice thread - asking the question most of us have thought

As for me - Mindless comes from a drunken moment when I was really at the depths of despair over many many things - food, drink (was major issue), smoking and relationships and the sophophilical mind that invaded my head at the time thought

' for a clever bloke - you're f***in Mindless'

and I've considered myself that ever since

so brill idea for a thread meneither
Hippo is my tabby cat (short for Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, NOT hippopotamus) and Ellie was my little black cat who died three years ago. They were a twosome for 8 years, and I still think of their two names together (no offence to Ripley my tortoiseshell, but she and Hippo aren't really a twosome- Rips is too young and Hips is too old and stately now!)


a bit different everyday
when I first got together with my hub his nephew was 17 months and absolutely loved me to bits but couldnt say natalie and it always came out as natayou, so the name has stuck ever since [he is nearly 13 now haha]
I use it for everything !!

great thread!!

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