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How weird, Still in ketosis!!!

Well guys, After my naughty blip last night I did a urine test prior to going to bed and first thing this morning, I am still in Ketosis :p How weird is that!? I really thought I should be out of it by now? Is there a chance it could perhaps happen a couple of days after the event? I am a little confused, But very happy. :D
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Oooh i duno lovely but dont knock it!! cross ur fingers and hope to god the ketosis fairy is still on ur shoulder haah xx


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Are you using the ketostix? They're not that reliable apparantly but nonetheless - i do hope your still in ketosis although its quite unlikely after eating carbs so then its not too hard for you to get back into :D
Yes, I am using Ketostix, I even bought some more today from Boots and the result was the same, quite a dark purple! They have never been wrong for me in the past, I always get the same results from my Ketostix as they get at the chemist where I go!? I don't feel hungry at all, and still feel really cold, So I guess I must be in Ketosis still!?
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Sounds good then :D


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You might just have been very lucky so now you can just get straight back on it and forget what happened GOOD LUCK for this week.

Jo x
well thats a relief but just a caution for the future. this time it may not have knocked you out of ketosis but that doesnt mean next time it wont :) mwah... im happy for you x
I was re-feeding last 10 days and the first week I stuck to chicken, fish, salads and veggies and I stayed in ketosis until the Friday. The moment I ate carbs I went out of ketosis, but to be honest, I didnt get hungry and small meals filled me up, where as before I was eating HUGE platefuls.
Glad you are feeling better today and happy for you that you are in ketosis still.

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